The Chicago Cubs See Value in Newborns

The Chicago Cubs offer a Newborn Fan Club that allows loyal Cubs fans to purchase a commemorative "Cub for Life" gift pack for future sluggers. The concept of a Newborn Fan Club serves as a terrific non-traditional revenue stream for sports properties that are able to seamlessly weave it into their digital offerings and manage fulfillment through the team shop and/or a third party.

The initiative allows consumers a chance to spend $45 to receive a customized commemorative photo announcing the baby's birth (complete with the baby's name, birthday, and birth weight), a Cubs baby stocking cap, a Cubs "Rookie of the Year" onesie, and an exclusive birth certificate to hang on display. The Cubs even provide fans an option to purchase a wooden frame for $25 to display their marquee photo or commemorative birth certificate. Fans can input all of the required information to customize the piece and manage shipping/handling online.

Teams can look to generate incremental revenue streams through said initiative by affiliating a corporate partner with ties to retail and/or baby supplies. In addition to exposure, corporate partners can also derive value by offering post-purchase discounts, etc.