The Atlanta Falcons Take Web Search to the Next Level...

Are you looking for new ways to reward your fanbase? Are you looking for new ways to incorporate technology into your website offerings?

The Atlanta Falcons currently offer a unique technological feature on their team website - My Falcons Search - that is sure to drive a significant amount of eyeballs (and clicks) in the sports marketplace. The Falcons created My Falcons Search, an online portal dedicated to helping the team's fans earn "swag points" that they can redeem for Atlanta Falcons merchandise.

In other words, My Falcons Search is a downloadable search engine (operating just like Google) that Falcons fans can use to get free Falcons merchandise just for searching the web! Each time users search (using My Falcons Search) they have a chance to earn 1 to 5 Swag Bucks, with the chance to earn up to 50 points on Fridays. Users can redeem their Swag Bucks for thousands of prizes, including the chance to win Grand Prize VIP prizes. To win Swag Bucks, all fans have to do is either login and scour the web on the My Falcons Search page or use a downloadable toolbar.

Other sports entities offering a similar consumer-rewards search technology function include: