Nike Uses a "Social" Billboard Campaign to Promote Customization in Copenhagen

Nike recently launched an innovative billboard campaign in Copenhagen, Denmark that featured a team of Nike graffiti designers customizing a Nike iD billboard in "real-time" based on Facebook community engagement.

Over a two week period, Nike graffiti artists spray painted a giant white shoe billboard to mirror the most "liked" designs in the Nike Free Run 2 iD Facebook page. On the dedicated Nike Facebook page, consumers can download a Free Run 2 iD application that allows them to customize their shoes and have the ability to purchase them directly on Fans can view a complete gallery of designs and vote on them using Facebook "like" functionality.

Check out Nike's unique social billboard campaign below:

Nike Celebrates World Cup Heroes with Special Mural Display

Are you looking for new ways to drive consumer interest and awareness at retail? Are you looking for new ways to bring window displays to life?

Nike recently celebrated the completion of the World Cup at its Nike Stadium retail location in London by adorning 17 5m x 3m window panels with portraits of Nike's key athlete endorsers in the soccer space. Nike turned to London-based artist HelloVon to create the spectacular mural display, which spanned the length of Oxford St. in London.

Check it out below:


Nike Goes Social with Billboard (and Kobe) in Johannesburg

Nike continued its brilliant "Write the Future" World Cup marketing campaign by turning a Johannesburg skyscraper into an electric facade that highlights the voice of Nike supporters from around the world. Nike has created a Facebook site where fans can submit a 57-character inspirational headline for the soccer player they think will write the future.

Each night, 100 fan-generated headlines are displayed across the interactive LED screen featured on the skyscraper, spanning 44m high x 42m wide x 30 stories high. The most popular and unique submissions are featured scrolling across the skyscraper, supported by a personal notification - a pretty amazing tactic that truly supports social media.

Nike is bringing the skyscraper to life using vibrant LED lights that share the personalized headlines from fans. Check out the amazing interactive display below:

Even Kobe Bryant took a moment to send a good luck message to the USA soccer team, as seen below (his message was "Break the game open. Shatter expectations."):

Nike Takes You Inside Their 2010 OOH World Cup Execution

With the 2010 World Cup in South Africa just a few days away, Nike recently released a really cool viral piece that demonstrates how they wrapped the side of the Southern Life building in Johannesburg with an inspiring campaign.

Check out the viral piece below... It does a terrific job providing an inside look at their behind-the-scenes execution!

Nike and Team England Give Mount Rushmore a New Look

Nike is celebrating Team England's 2010 World Cup run with one of the most unique outdoor billboard adverts seen to date. Nike recently unveiled a giant billboard emulating Mount Rushmore that featured the faces of four (4) of England's prominently known soccer players. The billboard, completely made of rock, is the largest billboard in the UK, measuring 75m x 16m x 2m. The massive billboard, which supports Nike's "Write the Future" campaign, is expected to be seen by an astounding six (6) million consumers.

The only issue?

Three (3) of the players featured in the billboard campaign - Wayne Rooney, James Milner, and Rio Ferdinand - made the England World Cup team. However the 4th - Theo Walcott - did not. Ironically, Walcott's face will be featured in the rock sculpture display next to the word's "Play to be Remembered", but he will actually not be playing in the World Cup at all.

Nonetheless, the billboard serves as one of the greatest outdoor spectacles in sports and will be forever remembered by many in England and across the world for years to come... Not bad for a non-Official World Cup sponsor!

Check out the billboard campaign below:

Source: EPL Talk

Nike Goes Outdoor to Promote New Harajuku Store

Are you looking for new ways to celebrate a store/stadium grand opening? Are you looking for ways to drive awareness in the local community?

To celebrate the grand opening of its new store in Harajuku, Japan, Nike created a really fascinating mural display using a collection of pictures. Each night, a team of workers changed the images to drive awareness for the breadth of Nike's offerings and involvement in sports and entertainment. CoolHunting also recently did a feature on the store's unique shoe chandelier, shoe sole tiles, and spinning race numbers that hang from the ceiling (definitely worth checking out the link) 

Check out the way Nike executed the out-of-home campaign to support the store grand opening:

Billboard of the Week - Nike, Lebron and Kobe

Are you looking to create a store billboard that captures consumer awareness in the local marketplace? Are you looking for new ways to showcase the world's greatest athletes?

Buzz is circulating around Nike's retail location in Fort Bonaficio after the company erected a giant billboard featuring Lebron James and Kobe Bryant above the store's entrance. The billboard shows the two (2) NBA stars appearing to back one another down (a great visual). 

The popularity of Nike's "large" billboard investment reflects the support and excitement surrounding the NBA in the Philippines and other regions in the Far East.

Source: Flickr photos courtesy of Daniel_isBORED

Billboard of the Week - Nike, Lebron

Are you looking to create a campaign to promote an athlete endorser's accomplishments? Are you looking to create a captivating billboard campaign?

Nike recently revealed a tremendous billboard outside the Quicken Loans Arena that commemorates LeBron James' first MVP award. Over the years, Nike has generated a significant amount of buzz with its LeBron James billboard campaigns in the city of Cleveland. He is truly the King of the NBA.

Check out the billboard campaign below:

Source: Kyleroth's photos on Flicker

Billboard of the Week - Nike, Toronto 10K

Are you looking to create a messaging campaign that resonates with young adults? Are you looking to drive interest in running in a non-traditional manner?

There isn't a company out there that does a better job understanding its customers needs and interests better than Nike. The enclosed billboard serves as a perfect example of Nike creating a captivating thought-starting campaign that resonates well with consumers. 

Using a creative tagline emblazoned in bold colors, Nike provided just enough information in the billboard campaign to peak one's interest in the '05 Toronto 10K running event.

Source (Photo): jonesov

Billboard of the Week - Nike, Bayern Munich

Are you looking for a new way to drive attention to your organization's star athletes? Are you searching for new ways to implement a unique billboard campaign?

In 2007, Nike took its soccer branding to another level when it plastered a giant billboard of Bayern Munich's star player Franck Ribery on the side of the Catholic Church of St. Kajetan (commonly referred to as the Theatinerkirche). In the ad, Nike heralded Ribery (a new signee) as the new king of Bavaria, dressing him up in a king's garb for the campaign.

The campaign was very controversial on two (2) fronts:

  • For a few days, Nike positioned the ad on the side of the church (a very unlikely place to feature a billboard campaign)
  • Franck Ribery is muslim (which was controversial for some of the church's followers)

Nonetheless, it was a very interesting campaign that peaked the interest of many around the globe. It wouldn't be surprising to see Nike feature a similar ad for "King" LeBron James at the Buckingham Palace if the NBA continues its efforts into Europe and the Far East! 

Check out Nike's campaign below:

Source: Flickr Photos - airmax808 / Content: