Nike Celebrates World Cup Heroes with Special Mural Display

Are you looking for new ways to drive consumer interest and awareness at retail? Are you looking for new ways to bring window displays to life?

Nike recently celebrated the completion of the World Cup at its Nike Stadium retail location in London by adorning 17 5m x 3m window panels with portraits of Nike's key athlete endorsers in the soccer space. Nike turned to London-based artist HelloVon to create the spectacular mural display, which spanned the length of Oxford St. in London.

Check it out below:


Nike Takes You Inside Their 2010 OOH World Cup Execution

With the 2010 World Cup in South Africa just a few days away, Nike recently released a really cool viral piece that demonstrates how they wrapped the side of the Southern Life building in Johannesburg with an inspiring campaign.

Check out the viral piece below... It does a terrific job providing an inside look at their behind-the-scenes execution!

Capitalize on Marathon Traffic with Street Teams

Are you looking for new ways to capitalize on marathons taking place in your city or town? Are you looking for ways to impact a race participant's experience?

Nike recently drove awareness at the Los Angeles Marathon by hiring a street team to engage with consumers while they passed the Niketown retail location in downtown LA. The street team, dressed in green spandex outfits (resembling green men) electrified the race participants by dancing and showcasing signs.

Check out the clip below, and be sure to tune into the :55 mark where there is a race participant wearing a classic "PedEx" outfit that resembles a FedEx truck:

Nike's Showcases New "V for Victory" Apparel Campaign...

Are you looking to create a branding campaign that is built on the energy and emotion of the game? Are you looking for new ways to leverage athlete endorsers?

Nike recently launched "V for Victory", a colorful apparel campaign that leverages some of the world's best athletes to promote Nike's remixed line of Chevron Eugene jackets, one of the brand's most iconic pieces of apparel.

The "V for Victory" campaign does a tremendous job captivating what the emotion of victory (which symbolizes the design of the apparel) means to some of the world's best football (soccer) players (Cesc Fabregas, Adriano, Andrei Arshavin, and Didier Drogba), rugby players, and tennis sensation Rafeal Nadal.

What makes this campaign so special is that Nike has given new meaning to the peace symbol (which is seamlessly integrated into the "V for Victory" campaign). Now, when young soccer fans see one of Nike's athlete endorsers displaying the peace sign during competition (which happens frequently), there is a chance that they will begin to view the act as a way their favorite athletes are saluting Nike as a brand.

Nike is promoting the campaign through a captivating viral piece that provides a behind-the-scenes look at the players' photo shoot and a eye-popping billboard campaign in high-traffic areas throughout Europe. Check out Nike's campaign tactics below: