Nike Uses a "Social" Billboard Campaign to Promote Customization in Copenhagen

Nike recently launched an innovative billboard campaign in Copenhagen, Denmark that featured a team of Nike graffiti designers customizing a Nike iD billboard in "real-time" based on Facebook community engagement.

Over a two week period, Nike graffiti artists spray painted a giant white shoe billboard to mirror the most "liked" designs in the Nike Free Run 2 iD Facebook page. On the dedicated Nike Facebook page, consumers can download a Free Run 2 iD application that allows them to customize their shoes and have the ability to purchase them directly on Fans can view a complete gallery of designs and vote on them using Facebook "like" functionality.

Check out Nike's unique social billboard campaign below:

Nike Displays the Future of Customization in Japan

In recent years, Nike has done an incredible job creating online and offline NIKEiD portals that enable consumers to customize all of their products and apparel.

To drive traffic and interest to its flagship location in Fukouka, Japan, Nike developed a NIKEiD Generator tool that utilizes a color analyzing programmed camera to transform the colors of clothers that consumers visiting the store are wearing (or visiting the store's website online using a webcam) into a color pallette to create a shoe with an original color design.

Over 18,000 consumers tested out the NIKEiD Generator tool at the Nike Fukuoka location within four days of the launch of the campaign and another 40,000 consumers visited the NIKEiD Generator online platform over a two-week period. Nike encouraged fans using the platform to share their color designs to share them with friends using a collection of online widgets that were made available.

The NIKEiD Generator just goes to show how we will likely be able to produce customize products and apparel within a matter of seconds in the coming years.

Check out the NIKEiD Generator below and click here for more information: