Nike Gives Marathon Fans All New Access on Race Day

Are you looking for new ways to bring your marathon events to life for consumers? Are you looking to showcase celebrities participating in your events?

In November 2009, Nike and BBDO teamed up to create a unique application that enabled people to receive real-time updates from celebrities, runners, and journalists participating in the Nike+ Human Race 10L Live from Argentina.

Nike provided five (5) select runners with iPhones that transmitted their voice recordings (during the race) into text messages that were posted on Twitter and related social networking websites. The phones were also equipped with GPS devices, allowing fans, participants, and onlookers the ability to track their exact location on the course when sending the message.

The tactic served as an effective way for Nike to bring the actions, thoughts, and emotions of its celebrity participants to life for all to enjoy. Check out how they implemented the campaign below:

Capitalize on Marathon Traffic with Street Teams

Are you looking for new ways to capitalize on marathons taking place in your city or town? Are you looking for ways to impact a race participant's experience?

Nike recently drove awareness at the Los Angeles Marathon by hiring a street team to engage with consumers while they passed the Niketown retail location in downtown LA. The street team, dressed in green spandex outfits (resembling green men) electrified the race participants by dancing and showcasing signs.

Check out the clip below, and be sure to tune into the :55 mark where there is a race participant wearing a classic "PedEx" outfit that resembles a FedEx truck: