The Red River Rivalry Celebrates Livestrong Day with Unique Card Stunt

Organizers of the annual Texas-Oklahoma Red River Rivalry game recently teamed up with Nike and Livestrong to execute a unique card stunt in support of Livestrong Day. The three parties collaborated to raise cancer awareness by performing a cancer-focused card stunt during the game.

The card stunt was a very exciting moment for fans in attendance as it signified how they can unite in the fight against cancer. The stunt was just one of 1,000+ events that took place across the world in celebration of Livestrong Day, the annual global day of action to celebrate survivorship and work toward a world without cancer.

Check out the Red River Rivalry Livestrong card stunt was executed below:

Billboard of the Week - Nike, Toronto 10K

Are you looking to create a messaging campaign that resonates with young adults? Are you looking to drive interest in running in a non-traditional manner?

There isn't a company out there that does a better job understanding its customers needs and interests better than Nike. The enclosed billboard serves as a perfect example of Nike creating a captivating thought-starting campaign that resonates well with consumers. 

Using a creative tagline emblazoned in bold colors, Nike provided just enough information in the billboard campaign to peak one's interest in the '05 Toronto 10K running event.

Source (Photo): jonesov

Nike's Showcases New "V for Victory" Apparel Campaign...

Are you looking to create a branding campaign that is built on the energy and emotion of the game? Are you looking for new ways to leverage athlete endorsers?

Nike recently launched "V for Victory", a colorful apparel campaign that leverages some of the world's best athletes to promote Nike's remixed line of Chevron Eugene jackets, one of the brand's most iconic pieces of apparel.

The "V for Victory" campaign does a tremendous job captivating what the emotion of victory (which symbolizes the design of the apparel) means to some of the world's best football (soccer) players (Cesc Fabregas, Adriano, Andrei Arshavin, and Didier Drogba), rugby players, and tennis sensation Rafeal Nadal.

What makes this campaign so special is that Nike has given new meaning to the peace symbol (which is seamlessly integrated into the "V for Victory" campaign). Now, when young soccer fans see one of Nike's athlete endorsers displaying the peace sign during competition (which happens frequently), there is a chance that they will begin to view the act as a way their favorite athletes are saluting Nike as a brand.

Nike is promoting the campaign through a captivating viral piece that provides a behind-the-scenes look at the players' photo shoot and a eye-popping billboard campaign in high-traffic areas throughout Europe. Check out Nike's campaign tactics below: