Nike Captures Athlete Perseverance with New Campaign...

 Are you looking to create a campaign that the stories of athletes who have battled and overcome diseases? Are you looking to create an emotional campaign that demonstrates the meaning of life?

Nike recently released a tremendous "It's About You" campaign that serves as a call-to-action for Nike enthusiasts to join the global fight against cancer. The campaign, driven by Lance Armstrong's triumphant return to cycling, includes an integrated media and grassroots campaign that features a number of inspirational stories from athletes and personalities, including:

The thematic of the campaign is designed to inspire consumers to turn hope into action and join Lance Armstrong on his journey to fight the global epidemic. The campaign's homepage enables consumers to submit their own inspirational messages online or by text to a custom-made Chalkbot that will write those messages in yellow chalk on the roads of the Tour de France - an amazing activation piece. Consumers who participate will receive an email with GPS coordinates providing the location where their message is chalked on the course.

The athletes featured in the campaign's short films will wear Livestrong gear at pivotol sports moments to help raise awareness about cancer. Check out Nike's "Driven" commercial, which will headline the campaign by running on national television, below: