Nirmal Leverages US Open Alliance to Drive Real Estate Sales

Are you looking for unconventional ways to leverage team marks? Are you looking for examples where sports has been used to drive real estate sales?

In December 2009, Nirmal Lifestyle announced a partnership with the U.S. Open (tennis) to create a 46-story community of of themed apartments in Mumbai, India. The partnership marked the first time a real estate licensing deal had been signed in India and served as a very interesting example of how property marks can be leveraged in countries across the globe. 

The US Open Apartments are being positioned as a lifestyle that bridges the gap between superior living standards and healthy living. The community offers a unique collection of aesthetics and state-of-the-art facilities, including a superior fitness center, tennis courts, jogging and cycling track, basketball court, swimming pool, and badminton courts.

Total Sports Asia guided Nirmal Lifestyle in forming the partnership and using the US Open marks in all of its advertising and promotions for the apartment complex. The agreement goes to show how powerful US property marks are across the globe.

The results of the campaign?

  • Sales exceeded all expectations and helped Nirmal become top-of-mind in the industry and amongst consumers
  • The launch set a new record in sales for the company by selling 108 units in less than 3 weeks
  • The US Open brand association helped provide an additional revenue appreciation of 4-5% to the project 

The unique partnership follows a deal where Singapore-based Manchester United Restaurant and Bar launched its flagship outlet at Nirmal Lifestyle Mall Mulund in Mumbai.