Teams - Be Strategic in Your Open Letters to Fans

Sports organizations looking for new ways to address their fanbase (particularly season ticket holders) need to be very careful with their approach. With fans oftentimes paying a significant amount of discretionary income to attend games, it's crucial that all team communication materials clearly demonstrate the sports organization's goals and objectives in a manner that resonates fans.

Ted Leonsis, owner of the Washington Capitals and Washington Wizards, recently posted an "open letter to Wizards fans" detailing 101 Signs of Visible Change. This communication piece is an example of an extremely well crafted message that directly portrays how the Wizards organization is taking the appropriate steps necessary to improve the Wizards' fan experience. Leonsis' strategic approach to the letter - listing out 101 things that fans asked for and addressing them directly with check boxes and clear, direct explanations - was tremendous.

Here are a few examples of other open letters of communication to fans: