Take an Inside Look at the Heineken Holland House

Are you looking for new ways to enhance your hospitality footprint? Are you looking to create an on-site activation plan designed to spur nationalism?

Since 1992, Heineken has created a "Holland House" at each of the Olympic Games for all Dutch athletes, family members, friends, sponsors, media representatives, and VIP guests to enjoy while demonstrating their support for the Dutch athletes during Olympic competition.

The Heineken Holland House, serving as the home of the Dutch Olympic Committee, is an ultimate fan destination for those attending the Olympic Games. In 2010, the Heineken Holland House featured a main hall that hosted 4,000 people every night with various entertainment, including celebratory medal ceremonies and nightly performances by Dutch artists and DJ's. The venue also features a Lodge Restaurant as well as a number of interactive games for all to enjoy.

Check out a behind-the-scenes look at the incredible venue:

Activation of the Day - Cheerios, 2010 Olympics

Cheerios capitalized on the buzz in Canada surrounding the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games by creating an initiative that provided consumers with an opportunity to cheer on their favorite Team Canada athletes. 

In September 2009, Cheerios began selling boxes of cereal with a dotted line around the "Cheer" on the front of Cheerios boxes that consumers could cut out and mail in to demonstrate their support. The Cheer cards were addressed to the Olympic Village with postage covered by Canada Post and were featured on different displays across the city. Check out the final product of the campaign below:

Molson Brings Canadian Nationalism to the Olympics

Are you looking for new ways to build nationwide excitement? Are you looking for ways to activate at global events?

Molson Canadian featured one of the best activation footprints in all of Vancouver for the 2010 Olympic Games. The brand's "Hockey House" was a hometown fixture that turned out to be the best place for hockey fans to watch games and listen to the latest Canadian music in Vancouver. But that wasn't all the brand did to support Canada's efforts to host the Olympic Games.

Check out some of their creative activation tactics below:

Molson Canadian Hockey House

Molson Canadian Digital Guest Book

Molson Canadian Rally Book

Molson Canadian also cheered on Team Canada by creating a "Made from Canada Rally Book", filled with thousands of good luck messages from fans across Canada, that was presented to some notable Canadian official prior to the hockey team's match against Russia. Check it out below:

Molson Canadian 2010 Mural Project

Molson built a mosaic of individual fan photos spanning a 4,000 square foot section on the outside wall of the Kitsilano brewery in Vancouer. The brand collected photos submitted via the site http://www.molsoncanadian.ca/2010muralproject/ to build a surprise Olympic-themed image and message for all consumers visiting the city to see. Check out how they launched the project:

Molson Canadian "Made from Canada" Commercial

Molson unveiled one of the finest Olympics commercials of all-time in 2010. The brand's "Made from Canada" piece does an incredible job screaming patriotism. Check it out below:

Vitaminwater Gets Creative with Olympic Activation

Are you looking for new, creative ways to leverage the Olympics? Are you looking to promote Vitaminwater products on-site?

Vitaminwater recently featured two (2) unique activation tactics in Vancouver as a means to leverage consumer passion for the 2010 Olympic Games and drive awareness amongst tourists and residents strolling through the city. As a brand within the Coca-Cola family, Vitaminwater launched a full campaign around the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games that encouraged Canadian citizens, including Olympic athletes competing in the Games, to try its product.  

Check out their two (2) unique engagement tactics below:

Vitaminwater Bus Shelter Renovation

Vitaminwater teamed up with Cleveland-based ad agency Brokaw to transform Vancouver bus shelters into ski lift seating for consumers to enjoy while touring the city. The unique bus shelter branding was accompanied by signage that read, "It Makes the Daily Routine Feel More Like an Olympic Event", and the minor branding tactic really served as a great way to escape the Olympic clutter experienced throughout Vancouver.

Vitaminwater Mini-Curling

2010 Vancouver Olympics Watch

Are you looking for new ways to leverage the Olympics? Are you looking for ways that Canada and the rest of the globe are gearing up for the 2010 Olympic Games?

With the 2010 Vancouver Olympics taking place officially less than 100 days away, many official Olympics partners and ambush marketers are already implementing significant programs to build buzz and excitement for the Games (click HERE to watch the start of the Olympic Torch Relay). Here is a quick look at ten (10) of the best in-market branding and activation elements generating buzz across Canada:

UPS Uses Airport Activation to Greet Beijing Olympics Travelers...

Are you looking for new ways to leverage partnerships off-site? Are you looking for new ways to resonate with consumers?

The United Parcel Service (UPS) created a tremendous airport advertising campaign in airports across China in support of its status as the Official Logistics and Express Delivery Sponsor of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Travelers picking up their belongings at baggage claim were met with an array of creative advertisements featuring UPS employees working in the heat of the moment at the Olympic games.

The campaign was designed to demonstrate the company's commitment to doing business in China, where it employees 4,500 persons in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou alone. The company devoted the majority of its Beijing Olympics assets and resources to penetrate the China marketplace.

Check out some of the creative ways UPS demonstrated its behind-the-scenes Olympics contributions and commitment to the citizens of China at airports across the country: