Snowbranding... Just in Time for the Winter Olympics

Are you looking for new guerrilla marketing campaign ideas? Are you looking for new ways to leverage winter sports events to drive awareness for your product or service?

Brands looking for new, cost-effective ways to drive awareness during the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games and other winter sports festivities should check out the guerrilla marketing concept below called snowbranding. The piece shows how a group in Leipzig used a few tools to engage consumers in wintry conditions. The tactic of snowbranding is quite simple, yet it can serve as a way for brands to really stand out to consumers (that is, if it's worthy enough for them to withstand the cold to pay attention).

Check out the cool "snowbranding" guerrilla concept below!

UPS Uses Airport Activation to Greet Beijing Olympics Travelers...

Are you looking for new ways to leverage partnerships off-site? Are you looking for new ways to resonate with consumers?

The United Parcel Service (UPS) created a tremendous airport advertising campaign in airports across China in support of its status as the Official Logistics and Express Delivery Sponsor of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Travelers picking up their belongings at baggage claim were met with an array of creative advertisements featuring UPS employees working in the heat of the moment at the Olympic games.

The campaign was designed to demonstrate the company's commitment to doing business in China, where it employees 4,500 persons in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou alone. The company devoted the majority of its Beijing Olympics assets and resources to penetrate the China marketplace.

Check out some of the creative ways UPS demonstrated its behind-the-scenes Olympics contributions and commitment to the citizens of China at airports across the country: