The Panthers See Value in their Carls Furniture Partnership...

Are you looking to fill the furniture category with a new corporate partner? Are you looking for new on-ice promotional ideas?

The Florida Panthers organization have done a tremendous job leveraging their partnership with Carls Furniture & Design, a South Florida retail chain with nine (9) furniture showrooms and eleven (11) patio showrooms.

The Panthers partnership with Carls Furniture includes a mix of assets, highlighted by some initiatives that directly impact the Panthers fan experience at the Bank Atlantic Center:

  • Product Integration and Ownership of Outdoor Areas - The Panthers renamed their two (2) ground level outdoor patio and party areas as the "Carls Patios" and outfitted the areas with Carls patio furniture that can be purchased at retail.
    • Each time the Panthers play a game at home on a Friday night, the team features a "Carls Party-O on the Patio" promotion that features grilled-to-order food, Bud Light Lime specials, and live music
  • Featured VignetteDisplays - The Panthers refurnished four (4) vignettes in the Bank Atlantic Center - three (3) in the suite level and one (1) in the club level - with Carls Jr. furniture and designs
  • Murals Sponsorship- The Partners enabled Carls Furniture & Design the right to sponsor twelve (12) color glass enclosed murals in the suite and club level of the Bank Atlantic Center
  • Captivating On-Ice Promotions - The Panthers and Carls Furniture created an entertaining on-ice promotion that featured select contestants racing across the ice on mobilized patio furniture. The promotion (shown in the clip below) is a must-see!