Pitch a Perfect Game in MLB2K10 and Win $1 Million

Are you looking for new ways to entice fans? Are you looking for the hottest new promotions in sports?

2K Sports recently announced that it is offering a $1 million prize to the first person who throws a perfect game in its new release, MLB 2K10. The skill-based challenge marked a unique way to engage fans and drive a significant amount of buzz around the release of the game on March 2nd.

The simple catch? Entrants must record the entirety of their game, either with a camera aimed at the television or recorded digitally. To ensure legitimacy of submissions, 2K Sports is working with Twin Galaxies, a worldwide sanctioning authority for video game high scores and records... And only one (1) person can win!

The chances of a perfect game happening in the Major Leagues? Just 16 perfect games have been thrown in Major League Baseball since 1901 (during a stretch of 160,000 regular season games).

The company created a special microsite to reveal the details around "The Battle for $1,000,000", which included a set of nine (9) detail instructions:

  1. Get a copy of MLB 2K10 for XBox 360 or Playstation 3
  2. Read the Perfect Game Official Contest Rules and Legal Rules Carefully
  3. Print a Copy of The Perfect Game Checklist to Help Ensure You Don't Miss a Step
  4. Set up a Recording Device to Record Your Perfect Game Attempt
  5. Play Your Perfect Game Attempt in the MLB 2K10 Contest Mode in the MLB Today Section and You Must Use the Pitcher That is Set to Start the Game for That Particular Day
  6. Throw a Perfect Game Without..
    1. Making any pitching substitutions
    2. Calling any coaching visits to the mound
    3. Pausing the game
    4. Delaying the game (waiting 60 seconds or more between pitches)
    5. Changing any of the control options. User must play using Total Control Pitching and Total Control Hitting (these modes are set to default when attempting the perfect game)
  7. A Verification Code will Appear After Your Perfect Game - Input That on the Perfect Game Website
  8. Print Two (2) Copies of the Verification Confirmation Page
  9. Send Via Overnight Courier Your Recording Of Your Perfect Game on DVD Marked with Verification Code, Name, and Gamertag to 2k Sports Attn: MLB 2K10 Promotions Team 10 Hamilton Landing Novato, CA 94949

Check out the promotional trailer below:

Source: Kotaku.com