Drive Gameday Program Ad Impressions with Digital Extensions

Sports organizations looking for new ways to derive value from their gameday program ads should consider finding ways to make them viewable for thousands of fans watching games at home. Teams are beginning to offer digital program ad extensions, as they provide new, unique content for fans to enjoy on gameday and an opportunity to upsell current partners via an increase in advertorial impressions and exposure to a new segment of the fanbase.

The Pittsburgh Penguins have done a tremendous job featuring their IceTime Game Program online one (1) hour prior to every home game. Fans can access the publications under the FanZone tab on the team website and choose which gameday content they would like to view. The Penguins have turned to Issuu to offer the digital gameday program ads online. While the team previously distributed the gameday program ads to 18,000 fans in attendance each game (delivering 2.6MM impressions over the course of the season), they now can sell partners on the thousands of impressions the publication receives online.

Check out a few pictures of the Pens' digital program ad offerings below: