Pacquiao - Margarito Delivers Terrific Fighter Introductions

One of the most memorable moments of the recent Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito fight was the electric fighter introductions on the massive jumbotron at the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium. The fighter introductions showcased some of the most thrilling moments in boxing and served as the perfect lead-in for the fight.

Check out the fighter introductions here:

Virginia Tech Electrifies Its Crowd with Metallica's Sandman

Metallica's hit song, "Sandman" electrified the crowd of Virginia Tech fans in attendance for the team's game against Georgia Tech on Thursday night.  It clearly signifies what college football is all about!

Check it out below:

The Red Wings Weave Fans Into Their Playoff Introductions

Are you looking for new ways to engage fans on game day? Are you looking for new ways to bring your pre-game introductions to life for fans?

The Detroit Red Wings delivered an industry best practice during the 2010 NHL Playoffs with an outstanding pre-game intro video that incorporated fans in truly engaging manner. The intro featured pictures and videos from fans across the globe displaying their fandom for Red Wings hockey before a collection of thrilling team highlights were shown on a colorful drape that hung above center ice.

The pre-game intro campaign was very unique and effectively demonstrated the power of the Hockeytown mantra across the globe. Check out this "must-see" video below!

Activation of the Day - Cal Athletics, Oski Mobile

Are you looking to create new consumer incentive offers? Are you looking for ways to offer consumers exclusive experiences on game day?

Cal Athletics ran a promotion in 2009 offering fans the chance to win a ride on the Oski Mobile (the mascot's vehicle) when the Golden Bears run onto the field prior to kickoff. To generate awareness, the athletics department featured a viral piece and an online registration form on the University's official athletics website.

Check out the piece below and consider new ways that you can offer exclusive opportunities for your fans at minimal to no cost!

The NFL Pulled Out All the Tricks at Wembley...

Are you looking for ways to enhance your organization's pre-game entertainment? Are you looking to feature new inflatable attractions at your venue?

Over the past few years, the National Football League (NFL) has experimented with various forms of entertainment at the league's annual international match played at Wembley Stadium. The league did a tremendous job again this year providing fans attending the Patriots vs. Buccaneers game at Wembley with a full plate of entertainment. Check out some of the attractions below:   

Team Helmet Inflatables - Patriots vs. Buccaneers at Wembley Stadium

Festive Game Atmosphere - Patriots vs. Buccaneers at Wembley Stadium

Team Introductions - Patriots vs. Buccaneers at Wembley Stadium

The Wave - Patriots vs. Buccaneers at Wembley Stadium

Cheerleader Entertainment - Patriots vs. Buccaneers at Wembley Stadium

The Calgary Flames Offer The Best Intros in Hockey

Are you looking for new ways to enhance your pre-game entertainment offerings? Are you looking for creative ways to kick off the season?

The Calgary Flames have figured out pre-game entertainment and on-ice projections better than any other organization in hockey. The team's pre-game entertainment (especially the season opener and during the playoffs) is worth the admission ticket alone.

Check out the pre-game entertainment the Flames offered to fans attending the team's first regular season home game of the 2009-10 season against the Vancouver Canucks... it's incredible (if anything, tune in at the 1:10 mark):