Teams Can Turn to Projection Mapping to Promote Airline Partnerships in New Ways

Over the past few years, airline partners have invested more time and resources into their team, league, and event sponsorships. Airlines have invested in branding aircraft with team marks, developing loyalty programs for fans, creating ownable stadium destinations, and distributing free ticket vouchers to fans in attendance.

While airlines have sought to activate their partnerships more actively at airports nationwide, one tactic that we have not seen executed to date in conjunction with a team partnership is projection mapping. Just think how amazing it would be to look out the window at the airport and see a virtual Tom Brady throwing a touchdown pass to Deion Branch along the side of the plane.

While projection mapping would likely need to be a one-off marketing/PR stunt, it would be fun to see an airline promote team partnerships in its hometown market by featuring a different projection display along the side of an aircraft (or inside along a wall in the concourse) every night of the week. 

As shown below, Air Baltic recently generated buzz during the holiday season by featuring a projection mapping stunt at a Latvian airport that showed a team of virtual elves raiding a plane that was stationed at the gate. The marketing tactic, which caught passengers by surprise, was filmed and uploaded to YouTube and instantly generated 24,000+ likes in less than a day.

Check out the clip below and consider new ways that your organization can leverage its partnerships with new forms of technology in high-traffic locales!

Projection Mapping Helps New Balance Make a Splash

The greatest ideas are oftentimes the simplest - especially in the digital age that we live in.

While Nike and adidas spend hundreds of millions of dollars marketing their products, New Balance is benefiting from the insightful work of an artist named Hayoung Jung. Jung created a captivating viral piece promoting the New Balance 1300 shoe using projection mapping that is destined to attract a multitude of views.

The 1:36 viral piece is a simple, yet extremely effective piece as it uses a variety of colors, illuminations, and designs to draw the attention of viewers to the shoe. Check out the amazing video below:

New balance sneaker Projection mapping_01 from Hayoung Jung on Vimeo.