Puma Celebrates the Game of Soccer in Africa

Are you searching for new campaigns centered around the World Cup? Are you looking for new, compelling soccer campaigns?

Puma recently released an outstanding World Cup advertising campaign entitled The Journey of Football. The spot, created by Syrup, showcases the impact that soccer has had across Africa and celebrates the origins of the game and its ability to unite nations.

Puma's campaign serves as a great example of ways that non-Official brands can still create captivating campaigns that energize consumers around the world. 

There's no question that this Puma spot, to the tune of Gnarls Barkley's hit song 'Going On' will get you excited about the upcoming 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Check it out below: 


Puma Scores With Valentines Day Viral Effort

Are you looking for new ways to leverage the passion and emotion of sports without owning rights to marks? Are you looking for new ways to leverage key holidays throughout the calendar year?

Puma has created an outstanding Valentines Day viral campaign that will surely impact the lives of thousands of soccer fans (and their spouses) around the world. Puma created an entertaining viral piece that features a group of soccer hooligans, referred to as the Hardchorus, belting out a sappy Savage Garden Tune.

The viral piece, created in conjunction with Puma's Love=Football campaign, was designed with the avid soccer fan in mind who would like to send a gift to a loved one that knows where their heart really is on Valentines Day if/when their favorite soccer club is playing.  

Source: Creativity-Online.com