The Boston Marathon Runs on RFID Technology

Are you looking for ways to enhance your endurance events? Are you looking for new ways that technology is impacting the sports marketplace?

Network World recently created a terrific feature that profiles the use of RFID technology at the 2010 Boston Marathon. All participants were given an RFID tag to wear in their shoe that accurately gauged their finish time and progress along the course.

The video demonstrates how RFID technology will continue to change the way marathons and related endurance events are run by race organizers. Tracking tools are already leading to new advancements in text messaging, which allows friends, family, and fans to follow the progress of race participants as they complete the course. Pretty amazing.

Check out this terrific look at the use of RFID technology at the Boston Marathon below:

Activation of the Day - Dunkin' Donuts

Are you looking for new ways to leverage Dunkin' Donuts as a corporate partner? Are you looking for creative ways to leverage signage giveaways and other premium items?

Massivemedia recently executed a terrific guerrilla marketing campaign on behalf of Dunkin' Donuts at a recent major endurance event. Massivemedia featured a sign station where fans could place customized messages on "You Kin' Do It" signs and had a Dunkin' Donuts on-site to engage with consumers.

Check out some pictures of their activation below as well as some links that detail some of Massivemedia's related grassroots campaigns that have been executed on Dunkin' Donuts' behalf: 



Dunkin' Donuts Cap Distribution at the NYC Marathon - Click Here

Dunkin' Donuts Coupon Sampling - Click Here

Source: Massivemedia