Red Bull Kicks off 2010 with a Rally to Remember!

Are you looking for new ways to drive global awareness and leverage key holidays? Are you looking for ways to break the traditional mold of sports marketing?

Red Bull is kicking off the Year 2010 and a new decade of excitement with a New Years Bang that will surely generate watercooler discussion on Monday. Red Bull's "New Year. No Limits." campaign will feature stunt artist Travis Pastrana testing the laws of physics by attempting a 171-foot long distance jump in a rally car.

The stunt, set to take place at the Pine Street Pier in Long Beach, California, will be featured live on ESPN on New Years Eve at 11pm. The stunt will grab the attention of millions of consumers who are turning on their television (or watching at a local bar/establishment where ESPN is always being shown) for some quality New years entertainment.

Red Bull's "New Year. No Limits." festivities demonstrate how a brand can "own" a holiday with a captivating moment in sports, despite a tremendous amount of clutter (traditional New Years Eve coverage, bowl games, anticipation for the NHL Winter Classic, NFL/NBA/NHL, etc.).

ESPN is supporting coverage of the event with mobile text updates for those consumers who will be situated away from the television. To drive anticipation for the event, Red Bull created an incredible microsite (as shown below) that features viral content, live Twitter feed integration, details about the stunt/party information/locale, and additional press.

Check out the microsite and some of the viral pieces below: