Red Bull F1 Hits the Streets of Dubai

Red Bull shocked the city of Dubai in November when it featured a Formula One race car soaring along Shaikh Zayed Road during the early morning hours. Red Bull teamed up with city officials to pull off the stunt, which featured an F1 car reaching speeds of over 297 kph, to the surprise of many consumers who were traveling out and about.

The PR stunt served as a terrific way for Red Bull to drive buzz in the city of Dubai prior to the Grand Prix at the Yas Marina Circuit. F1 driver Neel Jani put on quite a show for one of the world's fastest growing cities. Check it out below: 

Red Bull Drives Interest with F1 on Ice Viral

Are you looking for new ways to attract casual sports fans and non-traditional consumers to your sport? Are you looking for unique ways to promote motorsports?


Red Bull recently unveiled a really cool viral piece that features the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team testing the agility and speed of its cars in non-traditional, wintry conditions. The clip, created to celebrate the return of the Canadian Grand Prix, led Red Bull F1 driver Sebastien Buemi and his counterparts to Canada for a test run.

The unique viral piece demonstrates the out-of-the-box thing that needs to become more prevalent in the sport of NASCAR. After all, who wouldn't want to see high-speed racing on ice in the Great North?

Check out Red Bull's creative piece below: