Red Bull Jumps the Trojan Horse in an Unforgettable Display

Red Bull has built brand equity across the globe in 2010 with an international freestyle motocross exhibition series called the Red Bull X-Fighters Jams. The series has traveled to alluring destinations across five continents, including Rome, Madrid, London, Cairo, and Moscow. At each location, the Red Bull X-Fighters have drawn enormous crowds of onlookers interested in seeing the best flip tricks in the world.

While the tour has proven to be a huge success with fans, their latest event in the Turkish city of Canakkale, the ancient city of Troy, was truly the most memorable. The Red Bull X-Fighters showcased an unforgettable performance in front of 40,000 spectators that featured hundreds of flip tricks over the iconic Trojan Horse. The event once again demonstrated Red Bull's uncanny ability to create iconic events that have the substance it takes to become viral sensations.

Check out some amazing highlights of the Red Bull X-Fighters event in ancient Troy below: