Reebok Uses 3D Art to Promote CrossFit

In recent months, 3D art has become a popular, non-traditional tactic for sports properties and their corporate partners to generate awareness in a fun way. As entities continue to mine for new ways to "escape the clutter" on game day, 3D art has proven to be a creative solution that surely generates the impressions that brands are looking for.

Reebok recently turned to 3D art to promote the CrossFit Games, its supported fitness program. CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program and licensor of 3,000+ gyms that is gaining interest and traction with fit consumers worldwide. Reebok partnered with two legendary 3D artists to create the largest ever 3D street art display and set an official Guinness World Record.

The result? Reebok and Joe and Max created a 1,160.4m 3D art display at London's West India Quays, Canary Wharf that generate a significant amount of interest. Reebok turned the exhibit into an engaging display by allowing public onlookers to participate in a Reebok CrossFit workout of the day on top of the artwork - a truly memorable experience.

Check it out below:

Reebok Releases Series of Crosby Virals to Promote Hockey Gear

In mid-November, Reebok released a series of new virals starring Penguins center Sidney Crosby that have intrigued hockey fans across the globe for the past few weeks. The spots, designed to promote Reebok's hockey gear (particularly the new 11K Sickick III hockey stick), are extremely well produced. 

Both videos, "Sidney Crosby Pyramid Trick" and "Crosby Testing Out His New Stick", are very realistic in nature and make it very hard to decipher whether they have been doctored in any way... But it appears that they have been slightly. As Blake Rosekrans of GMR Marketing pointed out, in the "Sidney Crosby Pyramid Trick" piece, there are no pucks where Crosby is shooting from at the :13 mark but when the camera pans back to him (:18 mark) there are two pucks on the ice. 

Regardless, the campaign was extremely well executed and has served as a terrific way to drive buzz and traffic to the Reebok Hockey Facebook page (which was embedded on the YouTube page for both virals). Both virals have generated 100K+ views and will continue to generate buzz.

Check out the two virals below:

Reebok Leverages Nicole Scherzinger and Digital Billboards in New Ways

Reebok recently teamed up with M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment to launch its new ZigTech trainer in the UK with a magnificent live digital billboard show. Reebok featured Nicole Scherzinger, the popular lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls, on the billboard via a live stream interacting with a crowd of consumers on hand to watch the publicity stunt.

Per, Reebok featured Scherzinger on hand for an open photo session and then escorted her to a private area behind the screen where she interacted with the public via two way cameras that were attached to the digital billboard. The event signaled how brands can utilize digital out-of-home billboards to leverage their athlete/celebrity endorsements in new ways in conjunction with special events, product launches, gameday events, etc.

As the technology becomes more readily adopted, team partners can leverage this to take their retail player appearances to new heights as well as special gameday events for large crowds of fans. The stunt was terrific because Reebok demonstrated how to bring a relatively static medium to life at one of the most notable shopping centers in the United Kingdom.

Check it out below: