Consider Rewarding Your Finest Arena Performers with Ultimate Experiences...

Are you looking for new ways to build fan excitement during games throughout the season? Are you looking for new ways to reward fans?

Consider creating a "Peak Performers" promotion, where your organization selects one (1) fan each game who demonstrates the best dance moves/performance during a featured song on the video board. The promotion would serve as a great way for organizations to build fan excitement at every game, despite the team's performance on the court. Such promotions could also serve as a great way to incorporate new/existing corporate partners in a continuous in-game feature and generate interest from music labels looking to promote new albums, songs, etc.

At the end of the season, your organization can reward the group of the selected Peak Performers with an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of the mascot and dance team's quarters and a chance to collectively perform on court during halftime.

For example, many musicans that act as co-owners (Jay-Z, Usher, Nelly, Jon Bon Jovi, etc.) of professional organizations could willingly create an ultimate promotion that rewards a group of Peak Performers with a exclusive postseason meet-n-greet opportunity and a chance to perform at halftime to one of the musician's favorite songs.

Wouldn't Jon Bon Jovi like to reward a fan like this at Philadelphia Soul games who also has a passion for both music and sports?