Axe Creates a Jam Box To Engage Snowboard Enthusiasts with Music

Axe recently leveraged its designation as an Official Partner of the 10th annual Mont Saint-Sauveur Ride Shakedown by partnering with Steel Space Productions to create an innovative activation footprint driven by music. Axe and Steel Space designed an "Axe Jam Box", an exclusive deejay booth that engaged fans with hip tunes and a variety of brand-centric games and prizes. Axe generated excitement within the footprint with music and a cool "Spin the Axe Bottle" game (1:03 of video below) that allowed participants to win a variety of prizes.

The Axe Jam Box was situated at the base of a mountain where thousands of fans awaited their favorite snowboarders and amateurs upon the completion of their runs on the slopes. Steel Space Productions is a unique vendor that creates unbelievable activation displays for clients out of reusable containers that can be customized in every way possible. The company's work is innovative and definitely worth a look.

Check out the video and pictures below of Axe's Jam Box activation below as well as additional details here:

Red Bull Goes Extreme with Pond Skimming in Russia

As Red Bull continues to revolutionize the extreme sports space, it recently launched a tremendous event in St. Petersburg, Russia that could have some promising implications in the United States.

Red Bull unveiled a pond skimming competition that featured 120+ costumed snowboarders riding down a sloped hill and launching themselves into a pool of icy water. The contest proved to be a hit with onlookers and would likely be a great addition to an X-Games or Dew Tour event in the United States.

As brands look for new ways to activate outside the box, the opportunities are endless in the extreme sports space - a notion that Red Bull and Nike continue to prove on a regular basis.

Check out the captivating Red Bull Pond Skimming event below: