Manchester City and Jaguar Team Up for An Entertaining Halftime Promotion

Manchester City FC recently teamed up with Jaguar to create a pretty thrilling form of halftime entertainment for fans to enjoy that can be replicated in most other major professional sports.

The game, called Boot the Boot, tasks select fans with attempting to kick soccer balls from a distance into the trunk of a Jaguar that is parked within the corner tunnels of Etihad Stadium at the playing level (a trunk is commonly referred to as a boot in Europe). The promotion is perfectly suited for in-game entertainment because it adds a level of excitement while seamlessly integrating the Jaguar brand into the experience.

A similar promotion can be replicated in several additional sports, including:

1. Baseball - MLB/MiLB teams can task fans with throwing a baseball from 2nd base (or the outfield) into the trunk of a car (one-hopping it along the way)

2. Basketball - Teams can task fans with trying to throw a full-court pass into the trunk of a car for the chance to win free parking for a section of fans at the game

3. Tennis - Tennis officials can task fans with trying to hit 5 of 10 tennis balls into the trunk of an automobile located at courtside for the chance to win a free lease for a year

4. Football - Teams can ask fans to attempt to throw a 30-40 yard pass into the trunk of a car (located along the sidelines) for the chance to win a free lease for a year

Check out the MCFC-Jaguar "Boot the Boot" promotion below and consider new ways that your organization can integrate automobile partners in a fun, memorable way for fans!

MAKE Fans Notice Your Brand at Games...

Are you looking for a way to drive awareness for your brand in-venue more effectively?

Mexican brand marketers have found a simple solution to drive eyeballs towards their signage at soccer games played in Estadio Jalisco, Mexico's third largest soccer stadium. The answer? Sex sells (everyone knows it, but is everyone doing it in the sports space?)

Mexican brand marketers hire five (5) to eight (8) models to stand along the sidelines and hold their signs for the duration of the game. While some persons may take offense to this marketing practice, brands have found that this has proven to be an effective medium to drive awareness at a minimal cost in sporting events around the world.

If a brand like Axe implemented such a tactic in front of a student section at a football game,  wouldn't one expect to see a high consumer recall for their brand post-game? It could make a lot of sense for certain brands...

Here are a few examples of the strategy in action: