Sony Proves that 3D Projection Messaging is Here

Sports marketers looking for new outdoor messaging tactics to engage fans should due some diligence researching new advancements in projection technology.

Sony recently celebrated the 2010 Champions League Final by dislaying two (2) unbelievable 3D soccer themed projections on the outside of two buildings in Madrid, Spain. Sony teamed up with NuFormer, an agency based out of the Netherlands, to create 3D projections symbolizing a central theme of "Imagine Football in 3D". The company showcased the projections on the facade of the Plaza Santa Ana and the Colegia San Agustin in front of a few thousand guests. 

Sony created the projection footage specifically for this live event and worked hand-in-hand with Madrid's city Council to secure the rights to project the interactive display onto the walls of both buildings.

Check out Sony's soccer projection messaging below:

Source: NuFormer