St. George Bank Uses a Vault to Engage Fans On-Site

St. George Bank recently teamed up with Traffik, Australia's leading experiential marketing agency, to create a terrific bank vault activation display in support of its official naming rights sponsorship of the St. George Bank Dragons, a professional Australian rugby team.

St. George Bank and Traffik devised a "Bolt for the Vault" halftime entertainment challenge that provides fans a chance to crack the code of a massive 2m x 2m bank vault for the chance to instantly win $5,000. Once the vault is launched at the team's Round 8 National Rugby match against the Parramatta Eels, it will remain a permanent fixture in the stadium at home Dragons games throughout the 2011 season.

St. George Bank has been a proud sponsor of the team for 30+ years and has worked with Traffik to create engaging experiential campaigns for over ten years.

The bank vault concept serves as a great way for financial partners to engage and reward fans on-site at sporting events, whether it's a part of halftime entertainment or an activation display. By creating an element of suspense along with providing a chance to win, banks can easily win over a fan base looking for additional entertainment value at live sporting events. Check out some photos of Traffik's execution below!

St. George.jpg
St. George2.jpg

Bring Furniture Sponsors to the Tailgate Lots

Are you looking for new ways to leverage furniture sponsors on game day? Are you looking for new ways to activate in your tailgate lots?

Sports organizations looking for new ways to deliver value for their corporate partners on game day - specifically furniture sponsors - should take a close look at the video below. A couple of students at BYU built a motorized couch using a motor from a wheel chair to get around on game day.

This idea serves as a great way for sports organizations to bring their furniture sponsors to life on game day. Instead of featuring a furniture display within the stadium concourse that you hope will draw fans, create ways that you can bring furniture to the fans, especially during the 3-4 hour tailgate window prior to games. The end result will be more impressions, more engagement, and a stronger call-to-action!

Check out the video below:

Bring Your Team Billboards Life!

Are you looking for new ways to engage fans throughout the week? Are you looking to drive online engagement and an incremental number of fans to your organization's Facebook Fan Page?

Rockit Wrigleyville, a new bar and grill located in the heart of Wrigleyville, recently featured a promotion that provided consumers with a chance to have their face appear on a billboard located just outside Wrigley Field. For a chance to win, consumers just had to take their picture in front of the billboard and upload it to the restaurant's official Facebook fan page.

The entrant who posted a photo on the Facebook Fan Page that generate the most "likes" by other viewers was selected as the ultimate winner of the promotion. To drive interest in the offer, Rockit Wrigleyville offered a free $25 gift certificate to each contestant. The winner, John Walters, garnered 82 "likes" for his picture submission.

The low-cost promotion served as a tremendous way for Rockit Wrigleyville to drive buzz in the marketplace (consumers would encourage their friends to check out their photos and "like" them) as well as drive traffic and new fans to the restaurant's Official Facebook Fan Page.

The promotion serves as a really simple way for sports organizations to leverage stadium landmarks and billboards in the marketplace to spur fan engagement and drive traffic online to the official team facebook page via valuable content.

Check out some of the pictures that were submitted here.

Watch a video of the campaign below:

Activation of the Day - adidas

With the 2010 World Cup officially 183 days away, adidas displayed a collection of giant replica soccer balls from past World Cup events. The display is located adjacent to a main route along the waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa. Check it out below:

New Partnership Activation 2.0 Newsletter!

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