Sports Business Predictions to Keep an Eye on in 2012

A new year is upon us and while there are many unknowns, especially given the advent of new technologies, I wanted to share a few predictions for 2012 that will be important to keep in mind throughout the year. Hope you enjoy:

2012 Sports Industry Outlook

The sports marketplace will be driven by mobile marketing, social TV, industry consolidation, and globalization in 2012.

Mobile marketing will continue to shape the sports industry as properties and brands look to optimize their mobile offerings, develop robust applications, and deliver content in new ways. Organizations will look to augmented reality, social gaming, and geo-location based services to serve as new means to engage fans. In turn, fans will continue to embrace the TV Everywhere experience and access live, streaming and On Demand content via their mobile phones, tablets, and other devices on the go.

Brands and properties will continue to invest in the social media space as fans gravitate to the notion of social TV creating a communal viewing experience that delivers real-time engagement, insights, and unique vantage points. Properties will sharpen their social media focus in 2012 by developing smarter, more holistic strategies, hiring dedicated personnel, and creating their own monetization models by integrating corporate partners.

The sports marketplace will also be impacted by the effects of industry consolidation, aggressive rights acquisition strategies, and globalization. Networks will continue to form partnerships in an effort to build robust platforms to host premiere events (e.g. Olympics, World Cup, etc.) while teams will dedicate time and resources to build out video content distribution strategies that reach fans across the world.

The London 2012 Olympic Games will be touted as the sports story of the year while the Barclays Premier League, UFC, and college athletics will continue to grow their businesses significantly in new markets worldwide.

TrendHunter Unveils 20 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2011

TrendHunter recently released a terrific list of the Top 20 Marketing/Advertising/Fashion Trends to Watch in 2011. The list includes some great insights that marketers need to be aware of.

The five (5) trends most relevant to sports marketers include projected publicity, wearable tech, tweetonomics, democratic selling, and real timing, but make sure that you read through all twenty trends to develop a better understanding for new opportunities in the marketing landscape.

Check out a breakdown of TrendHunter's Top 20 Trends below as well as their video feature: 

Top 20 Trends to Watch in 2011

  1. Discrete Consumerism - Whether it's Starbucks disguising one of its chains as an India espresso bar or Absolut going label-less, consumers are shying away from traditional brands and labels in favor of creativity and differentiation. To thrive in a creative world, brands need to stop generic marketing and create experiences that are irresistible to a specific group of people
  2. Tweetonomics - From hashtag-powered sites to Twittering shoes to social networking stockings, as long as Twitter continues to flourish so will all of the businesses smart enough to use social media for their own success. 2011 is the year that competitors will use social media to steal away your best customers 
  3. Perpetual Adaptation - There is an ongoing demand for ever-evolving aesthetics. The world is changing so rapidly that consumers are now in love with change itself
  4. Geriatric Couture - Embroidery and vintage fabrics are being resurrected from our grandparents' generation as styles continue to revolutionize
  5. Luxury Lives On - Even though the markets may be down, indulgent consumers still crave luxury. The financial crisis caused many businesses to scale back but wealthy needs still exist
  6. Modern Kidvertising - Marketers are focusing their efforts to where the money is - parents. Childrens campaigns are appealing to adult interests using eco-friendly textiles and Midwest decor. We are seeing a new era of sophisticated children's products
  7. Rockstar Self-Expressionism - Rock'n'Roll culture still has a significant influence in a number of industries (Hard-edge hotel designs, rockstar fashion, rebellious product design)
  8. Democratic Selling - Consumer votes, tweets, and Facebook likes are used to determine what retailers actually sell. The voice of the consumer has never been louder
  9. Toddler Touchscreens - Using touchscreen platforms like the iPad and Android, developes are producing games and experiences that appeal to next generation parents and their tech savvy kids (Interactive film maps, recordable storybooks, pillow technology and interactive fairy tales)
  10. Hyperrealism - Artists are striving to create their own accurate depictions of reality using their raw talent (outside of Photoshop)
  11. Tangible Printing - Smaller businesses are using 3D printing to create fast, rapid prototypes of body armor, shoes, and clothing
  12. Next Besting - Brand name products are taking a backseat to budget-friendly and more personalized alternatives; consumers are still buying things but they are becoming more conscious of what they actually need and why (and are in turn, seeking out the next best alternative)
  13. Modern Cubism - In a cluttered world, people seek refuge in simplified design (cube lighting, square architecture, and cubic technology)
  14. Real Timing - Businesses are incorporating Foursquare, Twitter, and live streaming to provide participants with instant gratification; social media has become the medium of choice for consumers
  15. On the Spot Style - Established brands are satisfying consumer demand for real style; street style fashion is being amplified by a surge in unique niche fashion blogs  
  16. Brand Reversion - Consumers are on a quest to satisfy their nostalgia (Princess phones, etc.); brands are going retro for revenue
  17. Wearable Tech - How fashion and technology are converging to produce unique products (Earring telephones, holographic wristwear, and visual hearing aides)
  18. Charitable Deviance - Using shock tactics in charitable marketing campaigns
  19. Interactive Retail - Interactive shopping bags, iPad menus (how retail is differentiating is a social media savvy world)
  20. Projected Publicity - Large scale, low-cost ultra viral mediums like projected billboards

Check out their 2011 Trends to Watch Video below:


More Sports Marketing Trends to Follow in 2011

Thomas Janca of Proximity Prague recently posted a terrific Powerpoint presentation on that details emerging trends in the global sports marketing landscape. The presentation featured some great insights that I wanted to share as key discussion points to monitor.

Ten (10) sports marketing trends highlighted in the deck for 2011 included:

  1. Digital In-Game Experience
    1. YinzCam, FanVision
  2. Social Gaming
    1. adidas' UEFA Champions game, FIFA Superstars, Nike's I AM PLAYR
  3. Content Marketing
    1. Viral videos, digital program ads
  4. Grassroots Marketing
    1. NJ Nets' Hoops and Pancakes, Sigma Olomouc's community efforts
  5. Crowdsourcing
    1. St. Louis Cardinals' fan scouting reports, Boston Globe WC fan perspectives
  6. Local-Based Networking
    1. Washington Redskins and Manchester City's Foursquare efforts
  7. Group Buying
    1. Univ. of Colorado and Washington Wizards Groupon promos
  8. Virtual Goods
    1. The Golf Warehouse's Facebook credits, Virtual appearances by pro players
  9. Ambush Marketing
    1. Bavaria - World Cup, Nike - Berlin Marathon, Hugo Boss - 09 British Open
  10. QR Codes
    1. Detroit Red Wings and Sacramento Kings' QR Code efforts

Check out Thomas' insightful document below:

Fresh Ideas, Trends, and Perspectives for 2010

Are you looking for the latest trends in sports and social media? After realizing that 2009 wasn't actually so bad, are you looking to have a new outlook on life heading into 2010?

We wanted to share two (2) tremendous e-books that were released today. Both are excellent reads, so please be sure to check them out and pass them (or the link to this article) along to all of your colleagues and friends in the industry who also may be interested.

The first e-book we would like to highlight is a compilation of the top sports and social media trends to follow in 2010. Social media enthusiast Jason Peck did a terrific job bringing the thoughts of 16 sharp individuals together with this piece. Check it out below:

Sports Social Media Predictions 2010


The second e-book we would like to profile was created by marketing guru Seth Godin and 69 of the brightest minds around the globe... This is a tremendous read that will give you a new perspective on life and business heading into 2010 (it is best to view the e-book in full-screen mode; scroll through the document by clicking your mouse on the right page). Enjoy!

What Matters Now