Old Hat Creative Delivers a Terrific Recap of The Big Chill at the Big House

Sports properties looking to give their marketing materials, recaps, and videoboard vignettes some flair should take a close look at some of the work that Old Hat Creative is doing on behalf of their partners.

Old Hat did a tremendous job creating a collection of marketing materials for The Big Chill at the Big House, an outdoor hockey game between the University of Michigan and Michigan State that was played in front of an announced crowd of 104,000+ at Michigan Stadium in December.

To drive buzz around the event, Old Hat developed:

  • The Big Chill at the Big House Microsite
  • An Intro Video - Click Here to View               
  • A Historical Tribute - Click Here to View
  • A "Pump Up" Video - Click Here to View
  • A Prelude - Click Here to View
  • A Michigan 3D Video - Click Here to View

But Old Hat's finest work was their recap of The Big Chill at the Big House, which is one of the most original recaps that we have seen in some time! Check it out below:

Bring Game Entertainment to Life for Fans Via Social Media

Each and every football weekend, sports marketers need to consider ways that they can recreate the stadium experience for thousands of viewers at home. With social media, marketers have a very cost-effective platform to bring stadium entertainment to life for fans to watch during the week, before games, and after huge victories.

Quality content that can be captured and rebroadcasted via social media can include:

  • Pre-Game
    • Pre-game introductions, scoreboard introduction videos, pre-game traditions, time lapse videos of fans entering the stadium, pictures/video of game day giveaways, the National Anthem, pre-game skydivers, tailgating insights, pep rallies, pre-game concerts, pre-game band performances, warmups/walk-throughs, etc.
  • In-Game
    • Scoreboard features, on-field promotions, fan cheers, cheerleaders/dance team, halftime entertainment, in-game ceremonies, etc.
  • Post-Game
    • Band performances, team celebrations, post-game interviews, fan celebrations, scoreboard highlights, fireworks, post-game concerts, etc.

As an example of capturing quality game day footage, enclosed is a great video that lets fans experience the thrills of a skydiver gliding into a stadium packed with 80,000+ screaming fans before a rivalry game. Capture these special moments for your fan base!

Identify With Your Fans' Attitudes, Behaviors, and Values

Sports organizations looking to create new, compelling content during the offseason should consider creating pieces that speak directly to their fanbase. As members of a fan base, individual fans regularly conform to the attitudes, behaviors, and values of their fellow peers. That is why Eagles, Raiders, and Cowboys fans love being who they are. As a result, it's important for teams and brands to understand the attitudes and behaviors of their avid fanbase and speak directly to them with compelling story telling.

Nike recently produced a terrific piece about the fans of the historic Brazilian soccer club Corinthians, entitled "30 Million Strong", that serves as a benchmark for brands and organizations looking to demonstrate how well they truly understand and value their fanbase. In the piece, Nike showcases how Corinthians is more than just a soccer club, it's "the people's team", a republic and lifestyle for fans.

Nike is using the viral piece to drive membership of its Corinthians Facebook Fan Page - a great idea!

Check it out below:

Using Media to Drive Online Traffic

Are you looking for new ways to drive traffic to your brand/organization's website? Are you looking for new ways to leverage media to drive online results?

Brands and organizations looking to leverage broadcasts and viral pieces to drive online traffic should consider softly embedding URL's into these media productions. Too often, brands fail with incorporating their messaging into viral efforts due to:

  • Delaying the viewer experience (some brands make consumers watch a :15-:30 ad prior to the video (causing negative emotions before the viral piece even begins)
  • Interrupting the viewer experience (brands often times display intrusive logos, slogans scrolling across the bottom of the screen, etc.
  • Taking away from the validity of viral pieces by forcing product placement/messaging into the feature

Brands looking for a way to softly embed their URL in broadcasts/viral pieces should consider benchmarking the enclosed Yomiuri Giants Japanese baseball clip, which effectively demonstrates how teams can leverage viral clips to drive URL awareness (and online traffic as a result). As you will see, the piece features a URL (of Lee seung yeup Love's website - leelove.co.kr) faded into the upper part of the screen. 

Softly embedding a URL into a viral piece may actually peak the interest of consumers as they try to figure out whether it is a resource for additional information/videos and/or how it is aligned with the clip. The more unique (yet relevant) the URL, the more opportunity to capture additional viewer interest. Check out the clip below: