The Future of Stadium Signage - For Auto Partners

Honda recently teamed up with GT Media, JC Decaux, and Puca to develop an innovative outdoor messaging campaign designed to engage young, male consumers and demonstrate the innovative attributes of its automobiles.

To generate buzz around the launch of the new Civic R Series in Ireland, Honda displayed a large, interactive billboard in the trendy streets of Dublin that allowed consumers to actually start the car (featured on the billboard) by texting "START" to a designated shortcode (51500). Upon doing so, the call-to-action signalled the lights on the car to light up and smoke to exit from the car's exhaust pipes on the billboard.

Consumers that engaged with the billboard received a bounce back link to a Honda mobile brochure, providing additional details about the car, and also had an opportunity to receive a free ringtone of the car's engine roar if they engaged with the billboard via Bluetooth technology. The four-week campaign ran during June 2010.

Honda's innovative billboard technology serves as a great benchmark for sports organizations looking for new ways to take their signage to the next level, notably in baseball. While a billboard with interactive elements could not be run in-stadium during play, there is plenty of down time during games (between innings, pre-game, post-game, pitching changes, etc.) when brands could engage with fans via SMS technology without having to feature personnel on-site to operate the signage.

Look for a number of sports organizations to begin experimenting with SMS technology to take their stadium signage and brand activation to the next level!

Source: Puca

Shapeshifter Offers New, Innovative Signage for Teams

Are you looking for new advancements in signage technology? Are you looking to feature signage at your venue that will pop?

Sports organizations looking for new signage technology to promote corporate partners need to check out the amazing work being done by Shapeshifter Media. Shapeshifter Media is the exclusive licensee of the international patents for the manufacture of Stairgraphics, a new piece of signage technology that could soon become a growing trend in the United States.

As more teams consider stadium stair signage (both in-venue and out-of-venue) and floor signage in stadium concourse levels, Shapeshifter Media could soon become a key player in the North American marketplace. The key trick will be to see which U.S. properties are able to effectively work with the German-based Shapeshifter Media to bring the 3D stairgraphics to the United States (properties interested in the technology can connect with Shapeshifter Media by clicking here).

Check out some of Shapeshifter Media's work in the sports space below:

Danone Waters/Evian - Bayarena Leverkusen

Nike USA - Javits Convention Center (New York)

Ford - Floor Poster

2D and 3D Floor Posters

Are You Giving Fans a Reason to Look at Your Signage?

Are you looking for new ways to drive eyeballs to your in-venue signage? Are you looking for ways to escape the clutter of stadium advertising?

Here are two (2) simple examples of how teams and their partnering brands have collaborated to create customized signage pieces that resonate with fans. Instead of just featuring a simple logo/messaging piece, Gulf Oil and McDonald's have incorporated a sports thematic to drive additional attention to their brands in-venue.

Gulf Oil - Boston Bruins (TD Banknorth Garden)


McDonald's - Indianapolis Colts (Lucas Oil Stadium)