Vitaminwater Goes Viral with Steve Nash and 50 Cent...

Are you looking for new ways to leverage athlete endorsers? Are you looking to create a humorous viral campaign that leverages both music and sports celebrities?

Vitaminwater continues to find creative ways to leverage its celebrity endorsers. This time, the nutrient enhanced beverage company released a humorous informercial parody starring the likes of Steve Nash and 50 Cent. In the piece, Nash directs viewers to log on to, where they can create their own flavors.

The piece serves as a great way to connect and provide young adults (who would find the piece humorous) with a desirable call-to-action. It also serves as a perfect example of how brands are using their athlete endorsers through a multitude of out-of-the-box channels. The video shows a personal side of Nash that evokes why he is a perfect spokesman for the brand.

Check out the piece below: