The Bud Light House is... Real?

With a record 106.5 million viewers tuning in to watch Super Bowl XXIV, Anheuser-Busch kicked off the commercial frenzy with a pretty entertaining Bud Light House commercial. The clip detailed a group of guys touring a house made entirely of Bud Lights and hosting a party. The spot proved to be a hit with consumers, notching a 3rd place AdBowl ranking.

But while the commercial was made for pure entertainment value, do viewers ever think wonder whether the content shown in Super Bowl commercials is ever real?

In the case of the Bud Light House commercial, it is. Check out a viral piece below that shows how Bud Light and its agency partners built a real-life Bud Light House to film the spot:

Doritos Crashes the Super Bowl with a Consumer Challenge

Are you looking to create an engaging campaign that puts the creativity of consumers to the test? Are you looking for ways to leverage premier events?

With Super Bowl XLIV just weeks away, the Doritos brand has been busy capitalizing on all of the pre-game buzz with its "Crash the Super Bowl Challenge". For the fourth consecutive year, Doritos has hosted the "Crash the Super Bowl Challenge", a promotion that The promotion that offers consumers the chance to produce a :30 branded clip worthy of being featured on air live during the Super Bowl.

But in 2009-10, Doritos raised the stakes even higher than ever before. The company is offering a $5 million shared grand prize payout if three (3) of six (6) finalists can beat out the ad pros and garner the top three (3) spots in the USA Today's annual Ad Meter.

With the stakes higher than ever, Doritos received over 4,000 entries from creative individuals around the world eager to win the mega prize. From January 5-31, fans can vote for their favorite finalist at for the chance to win free Super Bowl tickets... every day.

Doritos is currently featuring the videos of six (6) finalists on its site, which will be pared down to three (3) and aired down to the Super Bowl. Head to the site to check them out!