Johnsonville Gives Away Free Music Downloads For "The Big Game"

With 9 out of 10 Super Bowl viewers watching "The Big Game" with family and friends at home, Johnsonville has teamed up with Banshee Music to create a terrific promotion designed to enhance their party experience.

Johnsonville is running a "Superville" initiative that allows all consumers who sign up for the free "Johnsonville Enthusiast Club" newsletter to receive ten (10) free music downloads, specifically created in support of the Green Bay Packers and the Super Bowl. The newsletter signup process is simple and there aren't any gimmicks involved - after inputting their contact information, consumers can immediately download ten (10) great tracks, including:

  • Five (5) Super Bowl Tracks
    • This is Where the Party's At
    • Get Ready for the Big Game
    • Welcome to the Show
    • Heart of a Champion
    • Crank it Up
  • Five (5) Green Bay Packers Tracks*
    • We Love the Green and Gold
    • G-Force
    • Packers Tailgate
    • Let's Go Green Bay
    • Making History Roll

* Johnsonville is an Official Partner of the Green Bay Packers