CBS Outdoor Delivers a Best-In-Class Billboard Campaign for the Twins

CBS Outdoor recently posted a tremendous video that showcases the work involved with creating a captivating outdoor billboard campaign to promote the grand opening of the Target Field in 2010. The video details all of the work involved with the installation phase of the OOH project, providing viewers with an inside look at all of the elements involved with creating a best-in-class campaign to promote the Twins new home for years to come.

Check out the video below: 

An Inside Look at Target Field

With the 2010 Major League Baseball season right around the corner, the Minnesota Twins are set to unveil their new state-of-the-art facility, Target Field, on April 12th. The $412MM venue will soon be referred to as one of the finest venues in all of baseball, with a number of elements and amenities that will be sure to turn a few heads.

Check out a full gallery of the stadium's signage, unique elements, suite levels, and more HERE.

A few unique stadium elements include:

  • A full roof canopy soffit (to protect fans from weather)
  • Warming shelters
  • A retro sign in the outfield that lights up and moves when a player hits a HR
  • A life-sized Dave Winfield figurine in the Plaza
  • Team branded wrap inside the adjoining transportation station and light rail cars
  • A stylish Metropolitan club
  • A bronze glove photo display
  • Unique mosiac displays
  • A really cool quote wall
  • Budweiser Deck in LF
  • The 4th largest video board in all of Major League Baseball

In the past few weeks, the Twins organization has featured a tremendous outdoor billboard campaign throughout the city to drive awareness and excitement. The billboard campaign is simple, yet creatively genius. Check out some of the outdoor messaging campaigns below:


The Twins Move In... With Some Humor

Are you looking to create a humorous campaign around moving into a new facility? Are you looking for new ways to showcase your organization's finest athletes and accomplishments?

As the Minnesota Twins get ready to move into Target Field, their new downtown ballpark, the organization's fanbase has a lot to look forward to. The team is coming off a tremendous 2009 season and has many of its star players returning for another season.

To spark excitement for the upcoming 2010 season, the Twins organization recently released a humorous campaign entitled Twins-portation that features the team moving into their new stadium facility. The spot serves as a great benchmark for teams looking to leverage their past successes, current stars, and future in a single messaging campaign... it's very unique - check it out below: