Teams Turn to Exclusive Camera Angles To Give Fans Unique Vantage Points of the Action

In recent years, the emergence of social media has placed increased pressures on sports organizations to deliver new, compelling content for fans to enjoy. As a result, many teams have looked to create exclusive gameday camera angles that provide fans with unique vantage points of the action.

Exclusive camera angles are a terrific resource to have on gameday, as they:

  • Provide valuable content that can be sold to corporate partners (especially if a brand serves as the presenting sponsor of the dance team, halftime entertainment, emcee, etc.)
  • Provide valuable content for fans via social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter), team apps (mobile), team digital channels (live, streaming content), and inside suites and select stadium destinations
  • Serve as key way for teams to extend the gameday engagement experience
  • Provide access to team and player personnel in new ways

While it's one thing to watch a game passively on television, it's another to experience the action through the eyes of a key stakeholder on-site/in attendance. Check out a few examples of how teams are looking to bring fans closer to the action:

Cheerleader / Dance Team Cam

Tunnel Cam

Bench Cam

Helmet Cam

Mascot Cam

Parachute Cam

Foot Cam

Drive Gameday Program Ad Impressions with Digital Extensions

Sports organizations looking for new ways to derive value from their gameday program ads should consider finding ways to make them viewable for thousands of fans watching games at home. Teams are beginning to offer digital program ad extensions, as they provide new, unique content for fans to enjoy on gameday and an opportunity to upsell current partners via an increase in advertorial impressions and exposure to a new segment of the fanbase.

The Pittsburgh Penguins have done a tremendous job featuring their IceTime Game Program online one (1) hour prior to every home game. Fans can access the publications under the FanZone tab on the team website and choose which gameday content they would like to view. The Penguins have turned to Issuu to offer the digital gameday program ads online. While the team previously distributed the gameday program ads to 18,000 fans in attendance each game (delivering 2.6MM impressions over the course of the season), they now can sell partners on the thousands of impressions the publication receives online.

Check out a few pictures of the Pens' digital program ad offerings below:


The Mets Introduce Fans to New Stadium Features

Are you looking for ways to promote new features and entertainment at your venue? Are you looking for new ways to call attention to branded in-stadium destinations? recently posted a terrific spotlight video that showcases all of the improvements that were made to Citi Field after the inaugural season. The video, which has attracted 4,500+ views, walks Mets fans through all of the enhancements and new additions made at the ballpark, including:

  • A new Mets Hall of Fame and Museum 
  • Player pennants (existing and past players)
  • A new section of bricks on the fan walk, which feature a commemorative Mets moment
  • New stadium entrances
  • A new stadium restaurant

Sports properties should consider creating similar video campaigns that feature new stadium improvements, gameday promotions and entertainment, and fan features (at the ballpark and online). Teams can use this content to drive buzz for the upcoming season and inform and remind fans of their commitment to improving the fan experience day-in and day-out. Based on the number of views the Mets preview video received, there is demand for this content and it can also serve as a great way to drive incremental awareness for team partner stadium destinations!

Check out the video below: