The Dolphins Let Fans Relive Their Favorite Moments

Are you looking for new, interactive content to feature on your team homepage? Are you looking for ways to celebrate your team's past and align with new brands?

The Miami Dolphins currently a tremendous new, interactive feature on their Official Website entitled, "I Was There...". The site allows Dolphins fans located around the globe to submit their favorite memories seeing the team play (attaching a photo/video) for the opportunity to be featured on the site. Here, fans can relive the memories of others' and celebrate team history.

The feature is extremely interactive and serves as a best practice that all other organizations can model. Check out some screen shots of the Dolphins' "I Was There" feature below:


Celebrate Team History with a Magnetic Billboard

Are you looking for ways to honor your team's history and traditions? Are you looking for new ways to engage fans on gameday?

Sports organizations looking to honor their team history in an engaging manner should consider benchmarking a recent tactic Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv created for the HOT cable TV network in Israel. In an effort to position HOT as the network with the hottest celebrities and shows on television, Saatchi & Saatchi created a 140 meter long billboard in a suburban neighborhood that featured 6,000+ magnetic cutouts of entertainment celebrities.

Consumers walking by the billboard were encouraged to peel off the magnetic celebrity cutouts - a tactic that was very well received. According to records, the magnetic billboard was stripped bare by consumers after just two (2) hours (a process that reoccured several times). The innovative billboard campaign drew the attention of major media channels across the globe.

How can this idea translate in the sports space?

Sports organizations can consider creating a team history wall that features hundreds of magnetic cutouts of past players, coaches, historic moments, logo/uniform changes, mascots, and fans. Teams can encourage fans to "take home a piece of history" or bring a similar concept to life on their team home page (where fans can select different pictorials on a digital wall that explain the relevance of historic moments, former players and personnel, etc.). Creating an "interactive mural" could serve as a great way to help fans appreciate all of the great moments in team history.

Teams can consider partnering on the initiative with a corporate partner whose mission statement plays off the the terms "family", "tradition", "history" and/or is looking for new ways to engage fans. Teams can incite potential partners by placing brand logos/URL with a call-to-action on each of the magnetic pieces that fans take home or redeem at retail.

Costs for the magnetic billboard project were not disclosed. Check out a video of the billboard below: