The University of Florida Student Ticket Office Thanks Fans for Their Loyalty

Numerous opportunities exist in the sports space for teams and corporate partners alike to reward loyal fans for their perfect attendance during a season. While most professional organizations will periodically honor fans who have been season ticket holders for 10+ years, very few go the extra mile to thank fans for their commitment on a regular basis.

The University of Florida Student Ticket Office recently thanked season ticket holders for their loyalty with a simple, yet impactful gesture that should be replicated throughout sports. Travis Leyndyke and his team in the UF Student Ticket office emailed all ticket holders who had their tickets scanned for every home game during the 2011 football season to thank them for their support.

Fan congratulatory emails can serve as a great platform to integrate corporate partners as well, as they present an opportunity to tap into the University/team's most avid fan base and sincerely acknowledge/reward them for their support. Properties can also consider creating a virtual wall on their official website that features all fans who had perfect attendance throughout the season (a platform that could be sponsored by a brand who provides an exclusive promotional discount/reward).

Check out the University of Florida's email communication below and consider new ways that your property can acknowledge fans firsthand for their support!


Celtics Fans Flock to the Ford Pick-Up Window...

Are you looking for new ways to integrate corporate partners? Are you looking to leverage an automobile partner?

The Boston Celtics teamed up with a participating Ford retailer to create the Ford Pick-Up Window at the TD Banknorth Garden. The select window, featuring the front of a Ford F-150 jetting out of the wall, provides fans with an unforgettable ticketing experience. The window serves as a memorable in-venue destination for fans and team personnel to to pick up/drop off Ticketmaster, team, and internal ticket reservations.

The concept of the Celtics' "Ford Pick-Up Window" is similar in fashion to the Toyota Pickup Center created by the Memphis Grizzlies organization in 2008. Congrats to both organizations for devising new, creative ways to tie corporate partners into the gameday experience in a way that benefits fans!

Source: Flickr photo courtesy of Aviad T