adidas Turns a Chinese Subway Station Into an Outdoor Gym

Entities associated with the UFC, boxing, and other sports related to mixed martial arts should take a close look at a branding tactic that adidas recently displayed in a Chinese subway. adidas generated awareness and excitement amongst subway passengers by turning several giant poles in the subway station into giant punching bags. 

This marketing stunt would work extremely well to promote premier UFC (and other MMA) events in high-traffic locations and stadiums (wrapping poles in the concourse to promote upcoming events) worldwide.

Check out adidas' creative execution below:

Bud Light Goes Head to Head with UFC Fighter Rashad Evans

At the recent Bud Light National Convention in New Orleans, UFC fighter Rashad Evans (@SugaRashadEvans) was challenged by a company representative to remove a single, empty can from a Bud Light pyramid that was stacked 6,545 cans high. As depicted in the video, Evans accomplished the task and then opted to create a highlight reel of his own, crashing into the display.

The moment was captured by several onlookers and is beginning to gain traction online. The Bud Light pyramid serves as a great display for properties to demonstrate affiliation awareness as long as consumers aren't given the ability to benchmark Rashad Evans' actions, which destroyed a pyramid that took 16 hours to construct.

Check out the video below: