Are Your Bathrooms Interactive?

Are you looking for new ways to engage consumers in the bathroom? Are you looking for non-traditional ways to leverage partners in the auto category?

In 2008, Mini Cooper devised a unique guerrilla marketing strategy to grab the attention of consumers using the urinals while out on the town. One unlucky person was tasked with gluing mini cones inside the urinals, setting up a "Test Your Handling Skills" competition for all users later that night.

When consumers went to use the bathroom they were met with the "Test Your Handling Skills" messaging and the skill cones competition. The creative campaign served as a great way to grab the attention of consumers in crowded settings, etc.

What are some sports implications here? This concept can easily be applied in many respects to the sports marketplace, especially for brands looking to escape the stadium clutter. Teams can consider tying in corporate partners through:

  • NBA/MLS organizatons - "Test Your Dribbling Skills"
  • NHL organizations - "Test Your Puck Handling Skills"
  • NASCAR - Feature urinals that mirror Mini Cooper's execution (or feature an oval)
  • NFL organizations - "Cone Drill'
  • MLB organizations - "Round the Bases"