The Warriors Team Up with Vontoo to Create a Custom Ticket Sales Piece...

Are you looking for new ways to showcase postseason success to drive retention of season ticket holders? Are you looking to create an engaging ticket sales piece that leaves fans wanting more?     

During the 2009 NBA offseason, the Golden State Warriors teamed up with Vontoo, Inc. to create an interactive video offering that combines the action of video with the personalization of custom phone messaging.

The video, which models similar creative pieces developed by the University of Gonzaga, Arizona State, and the Miami Dolphins, effectively reminds fans why they love the Warriors and encourages them to act on their affinity for the organization by re-purchasing their season tickets for another season.

The engaging sales piece places Warriors fans in the heat of the action (during the playoffs when the team is playing high caliber basketball). During a timeout, Coach Don Nelson draws up a play for the viewer (through custom Vontoo technology), who is deemed imperative to the team's success. After the Warriors make the game winning shot, Nellie calls the viewer to thank him/her for their contributions and encourages them to come back for another year of Warriors basketball.

The piece is well executed (placing consumers in a moment of high passion) and serves as an effective benchmark for other properties looking to create new season ticket holder retention tools. Check it out below:

A special thanks to Meg Charlebois of Dittoe Public Relations for her insights and contributions to this column.