The Whitecaps Create an Interactive Plunger Signage Piece...

Are you looking for a new way to leverage a corporate partner specializing in plumbing services? Are you looking to create interactive signage pieces in-venue?

The Class A West Michigan Whitecaps are driving some industry buzz with their newest signage piece, a 40-foot Penning Plumbing Plunger in center field. The best part about the signage? It's interactive.

Each time the Whitecaps strike out an opponent to end the inning or the team celebrates a key play in the game, an operator in the press box can use a remote control device to move the plunger up and down a pole and shoot water into the air. The Whitecaps are hoping that the interactive signage piece will help their club "flush away the competition".

The team turned to Facility Maintenance Manager John Passerelli to handle the design work and construction of the unique signage piece. Using a post from behind home plate and an aluminum paneling called Alumalite, Passerelli was able to create the 40-foot plunger for the club in just two (2) weeks.

With Penning Plumbing in their first year of a partnership, the Whitecaps are hoping to make a big splash in the industry with the novel idea. The team has even had discussions about distributing mini-sized plungers to fans in attendance coming through the gates.

Check out the Penning Plunger below: