5 "Must-See" NBA Team Features

Are you looking for new ways to stimulate fan interest? Are you looking for new elements to offer as an organization?

As consumers continue to feel pressures from the state of the economy, NBA teams are becoming more aggressive with their sales pitches, web content, and interactive experiences. Teams and their corporate partners are coming up with more creative sales pitches, promotions, and ideas than ever before. Here is a glimpse at five (5) of the latest and greatest ideas floating around the NBA:

1. The Indiana Pacers and adidas present the "Pacers Player Match Up Quiz"

The Pacers and adidas collaborated to create an interactive feature on the team's website designed to drive sales of select Pacers gear. On the Pacers home page, consumers are drawn to the "Pacers Player Match Up Quiz" with a web button that looks like a chalkboard. Upon clicking the button, consumers are taken through a series of seven (7) questions that asks them a variety of questions.

After the quiz is completed, the feature calculates the answers and tells the user what Pacer player he/she matches up with (based on the answers to the questions). The feature then provides the user with a variety of options, including: purchase the jersey of the player he/shematches up with, send the feature to a friend, embed the results on their social networking page, or purchase tickets to an upcoming Pacers game.



2. The San Antonio Spurs and  AT&T present the AT&T Virtual T-Shirt Toss

The San Antonio Spurs and AT&T teamed up to create an in-game promotion for Spurs fans to enjoy while watching their favorite team battle it out on the road. The collaborating parties created the "AT&T Virtual T-Shirt Toss", a promotion that rewards select fans who text in a special keyword aired during a Spurs TV / radio broadcast with a free t-shirt.

3. The Sacramento Kings and Folsom Lake Ford present "Can You Find Vlade?"

The Sacramento Kings recently teamed up with Folsom Lake Ford to offer an engaging "Can You Find Vlade" promotion for Kings fans. From March 17-26, Kings fans are asked to look for Vlade Divac driving a Ford Edge (courtesy of Folsom Lake Ford) around town.

When consumers do find him, they are asked to text the word FORD to 69866 along with Vlade's location for the chance to win a VIP experience to the Vlade Timeless Game on March 31, 2009 (or via the Kings Twitter page). Fans searching Vlade can text the word CLUE to 69866 for special hints of his whereabouts around town.   

4. The Charlotte Bobcats and Hooters Offer a "Wing It Deal 

The Charlotte Bobcats have teamed up with Hooters to offer the "Wing It Deal", an intriguing ticket offer that rewards consumers with a free $25 Hooters gift card with the purchase of any lower-level, non-premium Bobcats ticket ($35-$52.50) online for select games throughout the remainder of the season. 


5. The Washington Wizards feature NCAA Tournament Brackets filled out by Their Stars

The Washington Wizards are capitalizing on March Madness by featuring NCAA tournament brackets completed by some of their star players (Brendan Haywood, Juan Dixon, and Darius Songaila) and a breakdown of how the team's players fared in the NCAA tournament.

The online feature does a great job engaging any site visitors that are caught up in March Madness. The team even enables visitors to post comments about the tournament (and different team performances) on the official team blog.