Carlsberg Takes You Behind the Scenes with Team England

Carlsberg recently unveiled a tremendous viral piece in anticipation of England's 2010 World Cup appearance. The piece takes viewers behind the scenes and into the locker room and tunnel where they can feel the pre-game excitement and butterflies on game day.

Check out the terrific piece below:

U.S. Soccer Tests the Skills of an NFL Kicker

Are you looking for new ways to promote the athleticsm of your organization's athletes? Are you looking to cross-promote with another sports organization in your local marketplace?

In July 2009, Philadelphia Eagles kicker David Akers made an appearance at the U.S. Men's National Soccer Team's practice as they prepared for a CONCACAF Gold Cup quarterfinals match at Lincoln Financial Field. Akers' appearance made for some quality footage for U.S. Soccer to feature in the viral space.

Members of the U.S. Soccer team battled it out with Akers in a variety of kicking contests, using both footballs and soccer balls. The video below demonstrates how skillful soccer players and NFL kickers actually are, and serves as a great benchmark for:

  • Soccer organizations looking to align with other sports organizations in the local marketplace to promote their sport
  • College athletic departments looking to showcase a collection of their student-athletes
  • Professional organizations looking to showcase the skills of specialty players (kickers, punters, etc.)
  • Brands looking to promote multiple athlete endorsers

Check it out below:

The FFA Promotes Upcoming Match with Unique Soccer Viral...

Are you looking to create a viral campaign to promote an upcoming match? Are you searching for ways to drive incremental fan interest? 

The Football Federation Australia recently created and released a captivating soccer viral piece designed to peak curiousity and interest for the team's World Cup Qualifier match against Uzbekistan. The FFA took a very unusual approach in creating the piece - they actually decided to promote the opposition (Uzbekistan) instead of their own club.

To spur interest in the match, the FFA decided to create an unbranded viral piece that showed what-appeared-to-be the Uzbekistan club being subject to extreme training methods, to not only drive awareness but to also instill fear (and interest) into the Austrailian football faithful.

Since its release, the "extreme training" viral piece has done extremely well as its garnered nearly 320,000 views online. While the viral could be determined by some as deceptive, the FFA claims that the video is purely a piece of entertainment. But while some debate over the clip's intent, thousands of others are left wondering whether the content is real... an extremely well done soccer viral piece!

Enclosed are two (2) versions of the viral piece:

The FFA's Authentic Promotional Video

The Viral Piece That Has Generated 318,000+ Impressions