Yankees Fans Enjoy the Best Buy Match Game

Are you looking for new ways to entertain fans between innings?

Best Buy features a very entertaining video board segment in between innings at the new Yankee Stadium that challenges the memory skills of fans. Best Buy features a "Match Game" vignette that tasks one (1) select Yankee fan with memorizing which Yankee player was featured twice behind a series of tiles that resembles the Brady Bunch.

The feature would serve as a terrific way for teams to promote:

  • Dating Services (feature different singles behind the blocks)
  • New Team Apparel/Equipment/Hats
  • Automobile Companies (looking to showcase a new model)
  • Sponsors Looking to Drive Team Affiliation (as shown above with Best Buy)

Consider new ways that you can bring your events to life for fans outside the lines!

Stadium Spotlight: The New Yankee Stadium

Are you looking to incorporate new stadium elements? Are you looking for ways to honor your club's tradition, incorporate new concessions elements, or build a world-class facility?

The new Yankee Stadium, a $1.6BN facility, is an immaculate ballpark featuring all of the traditional and modern elements a professional club could ask for. The new Yankee Stadium incorporates all of the style and design elements of the original Yankee Stadium, but boasts a number of new features and amenities, which include:

  • The highest resolution scoreboard in the world (59x101 feet)
  • 1,100 HD televisions are featured throughout the facility
  • A Fiber-optic cable wiring system to support wireless and technological features
  • A 30,000 square foot Yankees clubhouse
  • 25 fixed concessions stands and 112 moveable ones (with an assortment of offerings)
  • A new and improved Monument Park
  • The Yankees Museum
  • The Yankees Team Shop
  • A Hard Rock Cafe, a NYY Steak Steakhouse, a Jim Beam Lounge, a Ketel One Lounge, etc.

Check out a gallery of the new Yankee Stadium (127 pictures) that provides insights into the venue's suites, concessions, signage inventory, and activation tactics. Enclosed below are two (2) excellent videos that provide an in-depth look at the new Yankees new facility and its state-of-the-art scoreboard: