Sharing The Experience With "Time Share" Tickets

cowboys.jpgThe Dallas Cowboys recently announced that they will become the first team in the NFL to allow groups to share tickets. The Cowboys are slated to implement a system that enables a group of people to purchase a single ticket, and once inside the stadium, the group can take turns going into the game.

It is rumored that the Cowboys could allow 20,000 fans to buy tickets to standing-room-only party plazas outside each end zone where the game will be featured on digital screens (this would be an interesting strategy to drive game and site attendance for the Super Bowl, etc.

Could this be a new wave in team ticketing strategies?

Countering Rising Ticket Prices

cavs.jpgJulia Boorstin of CNBC recently reported that ticket prices for sporting events rose 4.3% from January '07 to January '08 (on par with inflation). As professional sports organizations continue to charge their fans higher tags for admission, they are looking for new ways to show their existing and prospective fanbase incremental value. But who are the leaders when it comes to retaining ticket holders? Which teams are being the most proactive, strategic thinkers?

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Segment Your Seating and Sell It!

irish.jpgAcross the nation, college gameday atmospheres are defined by their students, seated in designated student sections, dressed head to toe in school spirit and jumping vibrantly to Zombie Nation. Numerous sponsors are clamoring for unique access to these passionate individuals, a segment of the population who seem to repeatedly escape marketers. Why are property representatives not taking greater advantage of having these student sections at their disposal? Read more here.

Creating Value out of Existing Inventory

md.jpgWith ticket prices rising annually, team ticketing representatives are continuously looking for "new ways" to generate incremental reveune. In 2007, teams reverted to enhancing their courtside/field seating and began experimenting with All-You-Can-Eat sections. As these two measures have become mainstream in the industry, what will team representatives look to next to drive the needle? Read more here.