Drive Value for Hotel Partners with Student Bed Races

Are you looking for new ways to drive awareness for hotel chain partners? Are you looking to create an engaging event for students that affiliates corporate partners?

College sports properties looking for new ways to drive awareness and affiliation for hotel chain partners amongst the student body should consider offering Annual Bed Race events. 

Here's how it would work:

As students return to campus for the Fall, athletic departments can offer a special promotional message for students to win free season tickets, scholarship dollars, merchandise, books, or a trip as tiered prizes for participating in an Annual Bed Race event (presented by X hotel partner). The athletic department could offer the promotion the Friday before the first home game, with 75 teams competing on a first come, first serve basis at a practice/intramurals field near the stadium.

The goal of the Annual Bed Race event would be to see which team (a team of 5, as shown below) could push a bed, draped in hotel branding, on wheels 40-yards in the shortest amount of time - think bobsledding meets the 40. Hotel partners would benefit from pre-season marketing, an in-game vignette highlighting the action of the competition and showing the winners in their seats or with checks, and reminding fans that they are always welcome to stay at one of their participating hotel chain locations across the nation. Collegiate sports properties and their preferred hotel partners can use this event to create a lasting memory for hundreds of participating students and thousands of fans attending the Season Opener.

Check out an example below of how the Annual Bed Races could work for your collegiate sports property!

World Cup Stadium Lets Fans Soar Above the Pitch

Are you looking for new ways to utilize your stadium venue during offseason months? Are you looking for new, creative ways to celebrate the grand opening of a stadium facility?

In November 2009, stadium officials completed construction on the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban, South Africa. The 70,000 seat venue, which cost $450MM to construct, was created to serve as an official host stadium for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Since its grand opening, stadium officials have allowed a company called 'Big Rush Urban Adrenalin' to offer consumers an ultimate, thrill seeking experience. The company offers the only stadium swing in the world, giving willing participants the chance to soar 106 meters above the World Cup football pitch. The unique experience surprisingly only costs $59.50 US (R595) and is offered between 9am-5pm every day.

Check out a video of the ultimate thrill-seeking stadium experience below!

The Red Wings Weave Fans Into Their Playoff Introductions

Are you looking for new ways to engage fans on game day? Are you looking for new ways to bring your pre-game introductions to life for fans?

The Detroit Red Wings delivered an industry best practice during the 2010 NHL Playoffs with an outstanding pre-game intro video that incorporated fans in truly engaging manner. The intro featured pictures and videos from fans across the globe displaying their fandom for Red Wings hockey before a collection of thrilling team highlights were shown on a colorful drape that hung above center ice.

The pre-game intro campaign was very unique and effectively demonstrated the power of the Hockeytown mantra across the globe. Check out this "must-see" video below!

Taco Bell Fans Get Saucy at Astros Games

Are you looking for new ways to incorporate QSR partners? Are you looking for new ways to entertain fans between innings or select stoppages of play?

The Houston Astros recently signed Taco Bell on as an Official Team Partner and are highlighting the partnership with a Taco Bell Saucy Sprint Race that occurs between innings. The live race, essentially the Tex-Mex version of the Milwaukee Brewers' sausage race, features (3) oversized Taco Bell sauce packets (mild, hot, fire) racing around the field in an effort to cross a finish line (located along the 3rd base line) first.

Check out a video of the action below:

AB Scores with Mascot Can Race Between Periods

Are you looking for new ways to drive excitement around alcoholic beverage partners? Are you looking for ideas to enhance your in-game entertainment?

The Grand Rapids Griffins of the AHL recently did a tremendous job bringing back the excitement of the Bud Bowl in an entertaining on-ice promotion between periods. The club featured a live race between a Budweiser, Bud Light, and Bud Light Lime can that was heightened by a intro piece that was very well done  While most teams simply execute a contest between periods, the Griffins really took the promotion to the next level with the creative training lead-in.

The Griffins' Mascot Can Race is a simple intermission tactic, but serves as an effective way to drive fan excitement for Anheuser-Busch brands when most fans are heading out to the concourse to purchase their favorite beverage! Check it out below!

The Mavericks Raise Some Eyebrows with Latest Viral

Are you looking for new ways to drive awareness for your team's recent success? Are you looking for ways to drive crowd excitement at games?

The Dallas Mavericks are one of the best sports organizations when it comes to creativity. The organization recently released a piece entitled "Eyebrows" that features two players - Rodrigue Beaubois and Brendan Haywood - stirring some excitement with dancing eyebrows.

The piece does a tremendous time driving buzz around the organization just prior to its appearance against the San Antonio Spurs.Check it out below!

The Cavs Set a Record with Snuggie Night...

Are you looking to offer new premium giveaways for fans? Have you considered attempting to set a Guinness World Record at your venue?

Sports organizations looking for ways to enhance their premium giveaway nights should take a moment to benchmark the Cleveland Cavaliers' recent Snuggie Night presented by KeyBank. The team took the Snuggie giveaway night to the next level by asking all fans with a ticket to arrive early to the game to partake in a Guinness World Record attempt. The offer was so enticing, tickets were rumored to be going for 10-times face value for the event.

For the first five (5) minutes of the game, 20,000+ rabid Cavaliers fans wore their Snuggie, helping the team set an official record for most fleece blankets of one (1) colors worn in one (1) place: 20,562. While fans put on their cool premium giveaways, so did Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert and the Cavs' dance team, who were given custom versions. Even the Cavaliers and Pistons players were given special, large-sized versions of the Snuggie premiums with their names and numbers monogrammed.

What are the chances of setting your own official Guiness World Record? Unfortunately, just 3% of the 60,000 applications submitted on an annual basis are approved and executed. But they can always say no...

Check out a video of the Cavs' Snuggie execution below! Well done, especially to KeyBank on their post-event execution featuring a microsite with pictures, videos, and a sweepstakes offer for fans who weren't able to attend!



A special thanks to Alex Vitanye of the Ohio University Center for Sports Administration for his insights and contributions to this column. Source:

Pitch a Perfect Game in MLB2K10 and Win $1 Million

Are you looking for new ways to entice fans? Are you looking for the hottest new promotions in sports?

2K Sports recently announced that it is offering a $1 million prize to the first person who throws a perfect game in its new release, MLB 2K10. The skill-based challenge marked a unique way to engage fans and drive a significant amount of buzz around the release of the game on March 2nd.

The simple catch? Entrants must record the entirety of their game, either with a camera aimed at the television or recorded digitally. To ensure legitimacy of submissions, 2K Sports is working with Twin Galaxies, a worldwide sanctioning authority for video game high scores and records... And only one (1) person can win!

The chances of a perfect game happening in the Major Leagues? Just 16 perfect games have been thrown in Major League Baseball since 1901 (during a stretch of 160,000 regular season games).

The company created a special microsite to reveal the details around "The Battle for $1,000,000", which included a set of nine (9) detail instructions:

  1. Get a copy of MLB 2K10 for XBox 360 or Playstation 3
  2. Read the Perfect Game Official Contest Rules and Legal Rules Carefully
  3. Print a Copy of The Perfect Game Checklist to Help Ensure You Don't Miss a Step
  4. Set up a Recording Device to Record Your Perfect Game Attempt
  5. Play Your Perfect Game Attempt in the MLB 2K10 Contest Mode in the MLB Today Section and You Must Use the Pitcher That is Set to Start the Game for That Particular Day
  6. Throw a Perfect Game Without..
    1. Making any pitching substitutions
    2. Calling any coaching visits to the mound
    3. Pausing the game
    4. Delaying the game (waiting 60 seconds or more between pitches)
    5. Changing any of the control options. User must play using Total Control Pitching and Total Control Hitting (these modes are set to default when attempting the perfect game)
  7. A Verification Code will Appear After Your Perfect Game - Input That on the Perfect Game Website
  8. Print Two (2) Copies of the Verification Confirmation Page
  9. Send Via Overnight Courier Your Recording Of Your Perfect Game on DVD Marked with Verification Code, Name, and Gamertag to 2k Sports Attn: MLB 2K10 Promotions Team 10 Hamilton Landing Novato, CA 94949

Check out the promotional trailer below:


The Wild and AB Offer a Snowmobile Giveaway

Are you looking to offer new, enticing promotions for fans? Are you looking to feature unique prizing elements in your organization's sweepstakes and promotions?

The Minnesota Wild have teamed up with Anheuser-Busch to create a unique Snowmobile Giveaway that will provide four (4) lucky fans the chance to win a team autographed Arctic Cat snowmobile and a Triton trailer during the team's home contest against the Detroit Red Wings on Wednesday, January 27th.

For the chance to win the exclusive prize pack, valued at $10,000, fans 21 years of age and older simply have to complete and submit a simple registration form on the Minnesota Wild team website. One fan will be selected via the online submission process as well as three (3) lucky others who will be randomly chosen in the arena that night. Submissions will be accepted until 10pm CST on January 25, 2010, so hurry fast for your chance to win!


Doritos Crashes the Super Bowl with a Consumer Challenge

Are you looking to create an engaging campaign that puts the creativity of consumers to the test? Are you looking for ways to leverage premier events?

With Super Bowl XLIV just weeks away, the Doritos brand has been busy capitalizing on all of the pre-game buzz with its "Crash the Super Bowl Challenge". For the fourth consecutive year, Doritos has hosted the "Crash the Super Bowl Challenge", a promotion that The promotion that offers consumers the chance to produce a :30 branded clip worthy of being featured on air live during the Super Bowl.

But in 2009-10, Doritos raised the stakes even higher than ever before. The company is offering a $5 million shared grand prize payout if three (3) of six (6) finalists can beat out the ad pros and garner the top three (3) spots in the USA Today's annual Ad Meter.

With the stakes higher than ever, Doritos received over 4,000 entries from creative individuals around the world eager to win the mega prize. From January 5-31, fans can vote for their favorite finalist at for the chance to win free Super Bowl tickets... every day.

Doritos is currently featuring the videos of six (6) finalists on its site, which will be pared down to three (3) and aired down to the Super Bowl. Head to the site to check them out!

Activation of the Day - Cal Athletics, Oski Mobile

Are you looking to create new consumer incentive offers? Are you looking for ways to offer consumers exclusive experiences on game day?

Cal Athletics ran a promotion in 2009 offering fans the chance to win a ride on the Oski Mobile (the mascot's vehicle) when the Golden Bears run onto the field prior to kickoff. To generate awareness, the athletics department featured a viral piece and an online registration form on the University's official athletics website.

Check out the piece below and consider new ways that you can offer exclusive opportunities for your fans at minimal to no cost!

The Best Hockey Race You've Never Seen...

Are you looking to add a little humor to your on-ice entertainment? Are you looking for new ways to promote QSR and casual dining partners?

The Atlanta Thrashers recently held a hilarious on-ice race between three fans competing as Applebees entree items... As you watch the race, you will notice that the Thrashers called on the team's mascot and an inflatable sumo wrestler to add some unpredictability and excitement for fans.

A must see... Check it out:

The Mavericks' Great Baby Race of 2009

Are you looking for new ways to leverage cpg companies and non-traditional partners? Are you looking to create game entertainment that caters to all fans in attendance?

The Dallas Mavericks recently teamed up with retail partner Academy Sports + Outdoors to feature an All-Star baby race during the 3rd quarter of a recent home game that turned out to be a huge hit with fans. The contest pinned four (4) babies sporting Dallas Mavericks gear racing (slowly) across a mat in front of thousands of the team's supporters.

The Mavericks did a tremendous job executing the promotion by leveraging the PA announcer to drive fan excitement and featured some great camera angles of the action on the video board.

The All-Star baby race served as a great way for Academy Sports + Outdoors to distinguish the fact that it is the Official Headquarters for the Dallas Mavericks for all fans (men, women, kids, babies, etc.). The collaborating parties could bring the promotion to life slightly more by assigning sections to each of the four babies (with the winning baby's section receiving $5 gift cards while all other participating sections receiving a discount at purchase). Nonetheless, Mavericks fans in attendance won't forget the baby race (and Academy Spots + Outdoors) the next time they are shopping for their kids!

Check out the Mavericks' classic All-Star baby race below: 

The Giants and Springsteen Celebrate Memories

Are you looking for new ways to commemorate the history of your organization? Are you looking to feature a memorable piece on the videoboard uring an upcoming game?

The New York Giants celebrated their final regular-season game at Giants Stadium by featuring a special video to the tune of Bruce Springsteen's hit song "Wrecking Ball" on the jumbotron. The three (3) minute clip featured countless pictures and video memories from the historic venue and honored a collection of the finest players to ever play for the Giants organization.

Check out the memorable tribute video below:


Race with the Rangers and the NY Lottery...

Are you looking for new entertainment acts to feature during intermission? Are you looking for new ways to leverage lottery partners?

The New York Rangers have teamed up with the NY Lottery over the past few years to feature a Human Puck Race competition during intermission that has proven to be a hit with fans. During Rangers games, fans can stop by the New York Lottery table to enter a drawing to compete in a 3-man Human Puck Race on the ice for a chance to win a select prize ($30K cash instant ticket, $50K grant instant ticket, etc).

The Rangers do a tremendous job building crowd excitement with some recognizable sound effects and a captivating in-arena PA announcer calling the shots.

Check out the videos below to see how the contest is executed:

Fans Shoot to Win Hams at ECHL Hockey Game

Are you looking for new ways to reward fans at games played during the holiday season? Are you looking to provide fans with a unique post-game opportunity?

The Reading Royals of the ECHL recently announced that all fans in attendance at the team's game against the Elmira Jackets on December 18th will have the chance to shoot to win a free ham courtesy of Berks Packing. As part of the Berks Packing Holiday Ham Shoot promotion, fans will be invited down to the ice after the game and will be given one chance to score a goal from a designated spot on the ice for a chance to win.

The unique promotion will be held in conjuction with a holiday food drive that the Royals and the Greater Berks Food Bank are hosting at the game on the 18th.  

The Predators Celebrate Halloween with JibJab

Are you looking to create new, captivating video board vignettes? Are you looking for ways to create holiday-specific fan entertainment?

The Nashville Predators recently celebrated their Halloween matchup against the Dallas Stars by featuring a creative JibJab vignette on the jumbotron during the game. The clip centered around a Monster Mash thematic with the faces of Predator players incorporated into the mix. The clip proved to be a huge hit with fans and was later featured on the team's Facebook page for all to enjoy.

Check it out below:

Teams Strike Gold with Crossbar Challenges...

Are you looking for new ways to entertain fans at halftime? Are you looking to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for one lucky fan?

Sports organizations should consider offering more promotions that put the skills of fans to the test. This practice, seen commonly overseas in the rugby and football circuits, serves as a great way to engage all fans in attendance during halftime festivities and also provides sponsors a chance to capitalize on aligning with a memorable in-game moment.

While most organizations commonly implement halftime entertainment that tasks fans with scoring to win, most should consider ways to alter these type of promotions to challenge fans in unique ways: 

  • Football - Challenge one (1) select fan with hitting the field goal posts/crossbar
  • Hockey - Challenge one (1) select fan with trying to hit the post (instead of scoring)
  • Soccer - Challenge fans with hitting the crossbar (instead of scoring)
  • Rugby - Challenge fans with hitting the crossbar
  • Basketball - Challenge fans with banking a shot in off the glass

Here are two (2) great examples of Crossbar Challenges serving as a highlight at games played overseas:


During a recent English rugby match, one lucky fan took home 250,000 euros after successfully hitting the crossbar with a punt (while not wearing shows) during a halftime Crossbar Challenge event. The winner, rugby fan Stuart Tanner, became an instant household name after coverage of the promotion was picked up by several major media outlets. See the stunt below:


EPL club Stoke City recently held a halftime Crossbar Challenge at Britannia Stadium featuring a collection of team mascots and boxers Ricky Hatton and Scott Lawton. One contestant electrified the crowd by hitting the crossbar. 

The Crossbar Challenge also serves as a tremendous feature to include in media broadcasts of soccer matches (as seen by the Leyton Orient team challenge below):

The Seahawks Host a Dachshund Dash at Halftime

Are you looking to offer unique forms of halftime entertainment? Are you looking for new ways to support local dog shelters and charitable organizations?

When the Seattle Seahawks hosted the Detroit Lions at Qwest Field on November 8th, the team called in some extra assistance with their halftime entertainment. The Seahawks hosted the 3rd annual dachshund dash (commonly referred to as a weiner dog race) from the 50-yard line to the end zone. The races, benefiting Dachshund Rescues, featured two heats and a post-race awards ceremony with custom-made trophies.

The sold-out crowd of 67,000+ fans found the unique race to be quite amusing. Check it out below:

Barclays Lets EPL Fans Take Home The Trophy...

Are you looking for a new way to showcase your team/leagues' trophy hardware? Are you looking to create a national promotion that appeals to sports fans everywhere?

As the title sponsor of the English Premier League, Barclays has effectively positioned itself as one of the largest stakeholders in soccer around the globe. The major global financial services provider will only strengthen its positioning with its newest promotion, "Barclays Home Win". 

Barclays' Home Win promotion will enable twenty (20) fans around the globe to win the chance to take the Barclays Premier League trophy home for a day. All consumers have to do for a chance to win the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is log on to and submit their name, country, telephone, email, and favorite EPL club. The offer serves as a way for Barclays to celebrate the extension of its league title sponsorship until 2013.

All winners will be provided the opportunity to have the Barclays EPL Trophy in a controlled environment (e.g. school, work, or home) between 10am-4pm on a designated weekday. Two (2) security personnel will accompany the trophy and will control any touching of the trophy (in other words, you can have it, but you can't do anything you want with it). Consumers can submit as many entries as they would like until the promotion expires December 11th.

Check it out below: