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    The Packers Offer Free Team Email...

    GBPackers.jpgHave you considered numerous ways to target your fanbase online? Have you brainstormed ways to increase the engagement level of your team emails/text messages?

    The Green Bay Packers decided to target their fans by starting at the origin of communication, partnering with Hotmail to create a free web-based email platform for its fans across the globe. Packers fans can now demonstrate their team loyalty with a XXXX@GBPackersFan web address by simply signing up for a free account through the team website.

    A simple, yet great idea by the Packers organization!


    Register All Relevant Domain Names...

    David Sanchez of PINT, Inc. wrote a great post on the Sports Marketing 2.0 webpage that describes how teams are losing potential revenue/ traffic hits by not registering all of their relevant domain names.

    Think about it. How many persons might misspell your domain name during a search and inevitably give up? In the article, David suggests that teams should purchase all of the potential domain names for their site (which range from $1.99 to $40.00 per month) in an effort to generate more traffic and help users find their site.

    Consider having your organization pay an outside company to perform a domain audit to investigate misspellings, international domains, domain name suggestions, and more. It may be worth your while!

    Also, when you have a moment check out Pat Coyle's Sports 2.0 social networking community!



    The Cavs Go 2.0 For Their Fans...

    The Cleveland Cavaliers recently launched, a social networking site designed specifically for Cleveland Cavalier fans. The site marks a new wave in teams exploring the social networking space - the team has created a unique online forum that enables die-hard Cavs fans a way to chat, post blogs, share photos/videos, and create profiles and groups. The site falls in line with two (2) innovative social networking sites created by the Portland Trail Blazers and the Indianapolis Colts.

    If you have a moment, check out as well as some of the other leading 2.0 social networking sites... It is the next revolution for connecting with your young fanbase!


    Need Help Driving Online Buzz For Your Brand?

    brand.bmpAre you looking to create positive buzz around your brand/organization but lack the resources to do so? Have you exhausted all television, print, and radio efforts for promoting new ticket offers, initiatives, and team-related moves?

    Here is a new option for you to consider:

    Doe Anderson

    I recently came across the services of Doe Anderson and was very impressed that such a company even exists. Doe Anderson is a company that prides itself on being "Building Brand Enthusiasts". The company features professional bloggers that build positive brand mantra on message boards, online discussions, and circulates positive awareness for your brand throughout the digital landscape. Doe Anderson did an incredible job enhancing Jim Beam's "Rally for Robby" campaign (supporting NASCAR driver Robby Gordon in '08) and appear to have an impressive client list:

    • Wendy's, Valvoline, Umbro, Skoal, Papa Johns, Copenhagen, Maker's Mark, Louisville Slugger, etc.

    I really like the idea of a team/organization outsourcing some of its marketing dollars to a company like Doe Anderson, among others, to build positive buzz in the social landscape. Why not put some of your dollars within the hands of professionals, who can take buzz building to another level in an area (the digital landscape) that you may not specialize in? Control systems would need to be implemented (to ensure that the correct messages are being relayed to consumers) but I think this would be a great trial-and-error move for an organization looking to drive messaging and awareness through the web.

    NOTE: This article does not support Doe Anderson in any nature. The objective of the article is to simply to inform readers that Doe Anderson serves as an outlet for building brand buzz in the digital space.


    Videos Drive Buzz Around the NBA All-Star Game...

    Several NBA players thought (and acted) creatively to drive buzz and awareness around their participation in the NBA All-Star Game Festivities...

    Rudy Gay of the Memphis Grizzlies challenged fans to send in videos of dunks that they would like to see in the NBA All-Star game:

    Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic responded with a behind-the-scenes look practicing dunks for the NBA All-Star Slam Dunk competition. The video provides great coverage of Howard's Vitamin Water endorsement.

    The Toronto Raptors' Chris Bosh campaigned for All-Star Game votes with a unique "car salesman" approach...


    FIFA 3 Street Scores with Viral Messaging

    To boost buzz around the launch of the video game FIFA Street 3, a very captive video was released on YouTube... This is a great example of using viral marketing to generate demand for a product launch:


    Greenbacks Idea - Driving Web Traffic through In-Game Website Promotion

    BusinessWeek recently featured an article called "Japan: Google's Real-Life Lab", that profiles Google's extensive product testing among Japanese consumers. The article immediately caught my attention, as it carries strong parallels for sports professionals looking to drive traffic to their organization's webpage.

    Here is the excerpt from the article with sports connotations:
    "It was 10:51pm in Tokyo, and suddenly Google was hit from a two minute spike in searches from Japanese mobile phones. We were wondering, Was it spam? Was it a system error?" says Ken Tokusei, Google's mobile chief in Japan. A quick call to the carrier revealed that it was neither. Instead, millions of cell phone users had pulled up Google's search box after a broadcaster offered free ringtone downloads of the theme song from The Man who Couldnt Marry, a popular tv show, but had only briefly flashed the web address where the tune was available. The surge in traffic came as a big suprise to Tokusei and his team. They had assumed that a person's location was the key element of most mobile Internet searchs, figuring that users were primarily interested in maps of the part of town they happened to be in, timetables for the train home, or the address of the closest yakitori restaurant.

    Translation to sport:
    Sports marketers can use a similar "free ringtone download" tactic in-arena to drive web traffic. With ample amount of time in-game to fill air space, property reps can easily implement a simple website traffic driver by flashing up a :15 promotional read on the video board (complemented by a PA) that reads: 

    "Fans, the (insert name of team/university athletics) is pleased to offer all fans attending tonight's game a Free ________ ringtone/wallpaper will by logging onto (insert team/university athletics website) from 8am to 5pm tomorrow."

    To backfill the promotion, properties can engage their wireless provider sponsor to pay for the ringtone/wallpaper rights (show value to the sponsor by linking the promotion through the sponsor webpage).  To track click-thrus and redemption, the property can force fans to input their ticket barcode and/or ticket seat location (optional).

    This promotion (or one of similar nature) would:

    1. Drive incremental traffic to the property website (by showing :15 promotional messaging on video board/PA)
    2. Incorporate sponors (providing added value/additional "ownable" assets) 
    3. Learn more about ticket holders' incentive drivers
    * Properties could offer ringtones (songs/team slogans/reads from the PA announcer/mascot related downloads, etc.)

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