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    Brian Gainor educates sports organizations, brands, groups, and graduate programs on a variety of topics, including:

    • Sponsorship / Sports Marketing Best Practices
    • Personal Branding Strategies for Sports Business Professionals
    • Effectively Leveraging Social Media in Sports
    • Using Creativity to Drive Incremental Value for Sponsors
    • Refining Your Sponsorship Approach
    • Understanding the Sports Landscape
    • Networking in Sports
    • Benchmarking Great Marketing Ideas To Drive Your Business 
    • Establishing a Voice in Sports

    Brian customizes every presentation to the audience at hand and can touch on a variety of topics per request. Please email Brian at [email protected] for more information or to schedule him to speak at your event.

    Where I've Spoken

    • 2013 National Sports Forum
    • 2013 PACnet
    • 2012 Sports Business Conference (Keynote Speaker)
    • 2012 Sport is Fantastic Conference (Sydney, Australia)
    • 2012 National Sports Forum
    • 2012 Illinois State University
    • 2012 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    • 2012 Southern Methodist University
    • 2011 NACMA Convention (Keynote Speaker)
    • 2011 National Sports Forum / Paciolan Social Media Webinar
    • 2011 National Sports Forum Alumni Association Members Monthly Call
    • 2011 Ohio University Sports Administration Symposium
    • 2011 University of Florida Sports Administration Class
    • 2011 Marquette University
    • 2011 University of Charleston
    • 2010 Milwaukee Brewers Sponsor Summit
    • 2010 NACMA Teleforum
    • GMR Sports Council
    • 2009 Ohio University Sports Business Forum
    • 2009 Ivy Sports Symposium
    • 2009 NACMA Teleforum

    Sample Presentations / Appearances

    Brian Gainor Presents on College Athletics at NACMA from Laura Gainor on Vimeo.

    2009 Ivy Sports Symposium PARTNERSHIP ACTIVATION RISING STARS Panel (Part 1 of 2) from Ivy Sports Symposium on Vimeo.


    2009 Ivy Sports Symposium PARTNERSHIP ACTIVATION RISING STARS Panel (Part 2 of 2) from Ivy Sports Symposium on Vimeo.