The Fall 2013 Partnership Activation Newsletter

Thank you for your interest in Partnership Activation and taking the time to check out the Fall 2013 Partnership Activation Newsletter. It's truly a pleasure to have the opportunity to share my perspectives, creative ideas, insights, and best practices with you on a quarterly basis. 

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This month's newsletter features a collection of insights, including:

  • Capturing Content with GoPro
  • 20 Brands to Keep an Eye On in 2014
  • Sports Content Insider - Presented by Freshwire
  • Navigate Research Spotlight: The Value of Research
  • Talladega Superspeedway Drives Buzz on Campus
  • Keeping an Eye On: PODS
  • Bleding Sports + Entertainment
  • The Tao of Sports
  • October 2013 Partnership Activation Rising Stars
  • Social Media Spotlight:
  • Partnership Spotlight: Data
  • A Close Look at the Best Social Graphics in College Athletics
  • 5 Must-Follow #SportsBiz Handles on Twitter
  • 25+ Ways to Leverage Home Improvement Partners
  • 7 Questions with Jim Kahler
  • The Partnership Activation Grab Bag
  • Branded Entertainment... At It's Finest

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